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Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure occurs when a person exposes his or her body to public view. Laws vary from state to state and can be the exposure of genitalia, buttocks and/or breasts. While some countries view any exposure of a woman's body to be indecent, other countries don't carry indecent exposure laws. To learn more, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts.

What should one do if they were cited for indecent exposure while walking around their room nude?

Generally, in situations like this, you could plead not guilty and possibly have the charge removed. If you were walking around in the privacy of your home and someone viewed you, that would appear to be an invasion of privacy. However, if you were standing in front of the window trying to expose yourself, that would be considered indecent exposure. It will be hard for someone to prove that you had intentions of exposing yourself by simply walking around in your room. The circumstances will play a part in how the case will be handled. If you live in a busy neighborhood with multiple people passing your home, if you live in an upstairs apartment and you thought you were unable to be seen from the ground level or if you live on a lane where it would be almost impossible for a person to see you in your home.

I was arrested for indecent exposure and I'm in the military, what attorney is right for me? Can these charges be dropped?

A criminal defense lawyer would work if you are only being charged at the state level. However, if you are going before administrative or military court, you will need a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with military law. 

Usually, the evidence against you will determine if the prosecutor will drop the charges or not. The medical disability does not mean the prosecutor will automatically drop the charges. However, it is possible the prosecution will use this fact in a plea deal.

In California, what is considered indecent exposure in one’s own yard on a public street?

California law states: indecent exposure is any person who makes their private parts visible in any public place or in any place where there are people who may be offended or annoyed.

If you are on private property, in your back yard, you can sunbathe topless or nude. However, discretion is always a good habit to go with. Try using a privacy screen or fence to ensure no on-lookers happen to view you sunbathing.

There are exceptions to this, however. While sunbathing on private property, you can still be charged if your back yard is visible to the public. If your back yard can be viewed by people passing on a street or your neighbors are offended by your sunbathing, you may find yourself in violation of the indecent exposure law.

What should one do after being arrested for indecent exposure on a beach?

As long as there were no children under the age of 16 that witnessed your nudity, this will be charged as a misdemeanor. You will want to retain an attorney to represent you so he/she can try to avoid the charge being placed on your record. Regardless of a misdemeanor charge, you still don't want it on your permanent record.

Indecent exposure is a charge that can cause great embarrassment and remain on a person's record permanently. If you are unsure of your rights concerning indecent exposure, you should ask an Expert. They can explain the law and how it can affect you if you are charged with an indecent exposure citation.

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