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Income Tax Problems

In the United States every year millions of Americans file their income tax returns, and hope they are not going to end up paying the government money but instead receiving an income tax return. There are several ways to file, from an individual doing it themselves through a computer program and e-filing or mailing in a paper income tax return, to paying an accountant or a company do their taxes for them. If an individual has a company do their taxes they may not have as many tax questions, but for those who do their own tax return the questions may start piling up. Below are questions that have been answered below by the Experts

What is income tax?

Income tax is taxes that are imposed on the income that individuals and/or businesses earn. An individual’s total income is taxed, although there may be deductions that may be taken, often a deduction is based on how many children the individual supports. Business taxes may also be known as corporate income taxes, and are most commonly on the businesses net income, which is what remains after expenses and write-offs. There are several different types of income tax systems that are out there, and they vary from country to country. There are several countries that do not tax individual’s income, however the United States is not one of those states.

Why might an individual who filed their state income tax with an online tax assistant and the state has no record of the return?

If an individual has filed their state income tax through an online tax assistant and the State has no record of the return, the individual needs to go back and do some checking to make sure that they did indeed file the return. The first thing an individual should check is their email, looking for a confirmation from the assistant that their income tax return was filed. If they did find the confirmation from TurboTax then the individual will need to look for another email from the state and federal revenue offices, it will be either that the individual’s return has either been accepted or rejected. If their return was rejected they will need to find out why and fix what needs to fixed and then re-filed. If none of the mentioned emails are found then the individual will need to log back into the online website, if a pop up asks if the individual would like to start where they left off, then the return has not been filed. The individual then needs to simply finish following the steps all the way to the point of transmitting the returns.

How does an individual who lives in one state and works in another file their income tax?

If an individual lives in one state and works in another state then they will have to file an income tax return in both states. The individual will need to file a non resident income tax return in the state in which they work in and report all of the income that was earned in that state, as well as pay taxes on that income. The state of residency will allow the individual credit for the taxes that they have already paid to the other state, even though the individual must report the income on the income made in the other state on the state of residency’s income tax return.

What does an individual do if when they e-file their income tax return and it is rejected , due to another income tax already being filed under their social security number?

If an individual e-files their income tax return and finds out that it has been rejected because someone else has filed an income tax return under the individual’s social security number, then they may need to re-file their income tax return by paper. If the individual does re-file a paper income tax return it will give the IRS an opportunity to find that there are two income tax returns that have been filed under the one social security number. The IRS will then do the legwork needed to figure out which of the income tax returns is the correct and legitimate one. People filing under another individual’s social security is becoming more common due the rise in identity theft, and the IRS is trying to work on these fraudulent returns.

Income taxes are taxes that are imposed on the income of businesses or individuals. Often people do not complete the tax program that they are using, which leads to the income tax return not actually being filed. The other thing that may have occurred is that the income tax return was rejected; it will need to be corrected and sent back in. Taxes can be daunting and if a person feels confused or doesn’t understand something regarding income tax then a Tax Expert should be contacted.
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