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Questions about Incisors

The first four teeth in the front of the mouth are referred to as incisors. Their main function is to help with cutting food. They also play an important role in making a person’s smile complete. Chipped incisors can affect a person’s smile and make it look odd. Given below are some of the most commonly asked questions answered by Experts about incisors.

What could cause an incisor to become sore after the crown on it has been re-cemented?

In normal conditions, an incisor may not become sore after the crown has been re-cemented. If the tooth is still sore, it could be due to the following reasons:
• The cement that was used to glue the crown could have been left in the gums accidentally. It can cause irritation and inflammation once the cement becomes hard.
• A part of the tooth may have broken off along with the crown when it came off making it loose. In such a situation, when the dentist re-cements the crown, its margin may get pushed inside causing swelling in the gum tissue and irritation.
• In some cases, the soreness could be caused due to decay below the crown. This can weaken the tooth and as a result the tooth may chip off. If the decay is deep enough, it can affect the nerves causing pain and swelling.
• There could be a hairline crack in the tooth.

Can a crown on an incisor be fixed using super glue if it falls off?

One may not use super glue to fix a crown back on the incisor. The super glue may spoil the crown and the person will have to replace it completely.

What options would a person have if their upper incisors get chipped on the lower inside corner?

An individual may opt for porcelain veneers if their upper incisors get chipped on the lower corner. However, if the individual finds veneers expensive and wants an inexpensive option the individual may get the incisors filled with tooth color filling.

What can a person do if his/her upper lateral incisor gets chipped exposing the pulp?

If the pulp of the tooth is exposed due to a chipped upper lateral incisor, the person may cover the area with temporary dental filling material till the individual can be treated by a dentist. The filling material, commonly called Dentemp, may be easily available at different pharmacies. However, this may be just a temporary treatment and the person may require a root canal therapy if the individual wants to save the tooth.

How much would it cost to repair top central incisors if they are chipped?

The cost of repairing a chipped central incisor would depend on how severe the cracks and fractures in the tooth are and what mode of treatment the individual opts for. If the chips and fractures are minor, then the individual may repair the tooth with composite bonding restoration. This may cost between $120 and $300.

The individual may also repair the tooth using either composite resin veneer or porcelain veneer. Their cost can range from $400 to $1000.

If a crown is required to repair the chips in the tooth, then the cost would be between $700 to $1200 depending on where the individual lives and what kind of a crown he/she would need.

What could be the cause for severe pain in lateral incisors? The incisors are not sensitive to hot or cold temperatures but just hurt when touched.

Severe pain in lateral incisors could be a symptom of a condition called pericementitis or sensitivity of teeth to applied pressure. There could be various reasons for this pain. Some of the reasons are given below:
Infection in the pulp of the tooth
Periodontal infection
• Injury caused due to constant exposure to excessive chewing force or occlusal trauma
• Fracture in the roots of the tooth.

Infections and problems of the incisors can not only cause a lot of pain and suffering but can also affect a person’s confidence levels. Since these teeth are visible when a person opens his/her mouth, it is very important to keep them healthy. Not knowing what to do in case of an infection or injury to the incisors can make you feel helpless and can affect your confidence. You can consult a dental Expert if you have any questions regarding incisors and their problems.

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