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Import Duty Questions

Individuals contemplating importing items into the US will have many decisions and questions about import duty. Uncertainties on how to find the import duty percentage for their item or which countries participate in import duty free trade often lead to questions like the ones answered below by the Experts.

I am living in the U.S. and would like to sell a car that I own to a family that lives in Canada. The value of the car is about $2,500. I am trying to estimate how much import duty I would have to pay to have it enter Canada?

Based on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), if the car was manufactured in the U.S., Canada or Mexico, there would be no import duty to pay. However, if the car was manufactured in a country other than the ones mentioned above, the import duty would be 6.1% depending on the cost. For more information, read and the Canada publication RC-4140 Importing a Vehicle Into Canada.

I am a Canadian citizen and have winter property in Arizona and want to bring a used golf cart originally made in the US from Canada to leave at our property in the US the value is somewhere between $1500 & $1700 Will I have to pay any import duty tax and what forms will I need to cross the border?

Generally, any U.S. made product that is exported or imported into Canada will not carry any import duty on its return to the U.S. However, you will have to have documents that prove the country of origin and where the product was purchased from. The rule is slightly different for motor vehicles. The NAFTA treaty that governs all motor vehicles imported between the U.S. and Canada says that only if the vehicle is 60% or more U.S. made and has the U.S. as its country of origin, it would be exempt from import duty. The types of documents that you might need to furnish as proof of this are a bill of sale, a title if applicable, registration if applicable, and the proof of origin. In addition, you should also have a vehicle origin document from the dealer if the vehicle was imported and proof that sales tax has been paid on the vehicle.

I purchased an electronic item on EBay, it came from the Netherlands. I needed it repaired. The only authorized repair depot in the United States. They have told me that UPS wants to collect import duty on entrance to the US. Is import duty for repair required?

There must have been a mistake either with how you labeled your item or what the UPS has deemed your item to be. Typically, there should be no import duty for your item sent to the U.S. for repair. It seems like someone has misinterpreted the purpose of your shipment which is why they are trying to collect import duty. You should be able to clear this up by explaining what your purpose is.

I am a small business owner that imports most of my products from China. Are tariffs and taxes paid through the shipping company at the time of import, or am I going to be responsible at end of year for the taxes on these shipments?

All importers are required to pay import tax on almost everything that they choose to import. Import taxes are typically charged based on the kind of item being imported and where the imported item comes from. Usually, import taxes for all items can be found in the United States Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTSUS). The import tax (also known as import duty or import tariff) is paid to the U.S. Customs on all imports that come into the US. As import duty is a source of income for the government, it can also aid or restrict certain items from being imported into the country.

What is the import tax on gold to the United States?

The United States does levy import duty or import taxes of 10% on base metals, silver or gold, and clad with platinum is 10%.

While a few of the questions above may have clarified some of your own doubts on import duty, there could be other questions that are unique to your own case. In a situation like this, put your queries to Tax Professionals who can offer insights and information at affordable rates to help you deal with your problem in the best possible manner.
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