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Implanon Related Questions

Implanon is a small rod that is placed under the skin in a woman's arm for the prevention of pregnancy. A long term solution for birth control, it is often considered one of the most effective types of birth control devices in the market today. Once it is implanted, Implanon generally needs to be replaced every three years. To learn more about Implanon, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Is occasional spotting with Implanon, while taking Topiramate, considered normal?

In many cases, women have been seen to have bleeding issues when using Implanon. Usually the only way to prevent the bleeding is to remove Implanon and use a different form of birth control.

Women using Topiramate generally do so for the treatment of migraines. If this is the case, a birth control with estrogen probably isn't a good choice. Mirena IUD, instead, is often a better choice for women using Topiramate. Mirena can be safely inserted by a doctor once the woman has taken a medicine called Cytotec (misoprostol) which softens the cervix, making the insertion more comfortable. However, before changing Implanon, the woman may want to consider having her thyroid checked by doing a TSH blood test for any potential issues that may be causing the bleeding.

How soon can someone conceive after having Implanon removed?

Generally, once Implanon has been removed, a woman can return to a fertile state very soon and she can sometimes conceive within the first two weeks of Implanon removal. It is suggested that she begin to take prenatal vitamins at this time, prior to conception. In addition, she should try and have sex every two days in order to increase the chances of pregnancy. If she notices the absence of a period after six weeks, a pregnancy test can be taken to check for conception.

In some cases, certain women have been known to take longer to conceive if their hormones fluctuate regularly. If a woman has a negative reading on a pregnancy test and hasn't had her period for at least six weeks, there may be a thyroid issue that is keeping her from her period. If this is the cause, treating the problem will help regulate her periods. But if a thyroid issue is ruled out and the doctors find that the woman isn’t ovulating normally, they may prescribe clomid to help the woman ovulate more regularly to aid conception.

How long after inserting Implanon can a person safely have sex without fearing conception?

Generally, Implanon will prevent a woman from becoming pregnant as soon as it is implanted and typically provides protection for three years. However, a doctor may ask a woman to use secondary forms of contraception such as condoms for a few days after implanting Implanon. This is just a safety precaution to ensure Implanon has time to take effect. It is also important to confirm the presence of an Implanon insert before having unprotected sex. This can be done through a blood test, ultrasound or Magnetic Resonance Imaging to ensure it has definitely been implanted inside the woman's arm. Once three years are up, it should be removed since it is no longer considered to be effective and won’t dissolve in the body on its own.

Can someone get pregnant with Implanon because they took an antibiotic and didn’t use any other form of birth control?

Although the risk is low, a woman can become pregnant while on Implanon if she uses antibiotics and fails to use other forms of birth control. There have been cases where this has led to an ectopic pregnancy, otherwise known as a tubal pregnancy. This occurs when the embryo attaches outside of the uterus, generally in the fallopian tubes. The reason this could happen is that antibiotics tend to interfere with the liver enzymes which, in turn, metabolizes etonogestrel (the active ingredient in Implanon).

When searching for appropriate birth control, many women are confused about what to use. While there are some risks with every form of birth control, many women have been wrongly informed about the extent of some of these risks. If you have any questions about Implanon or need assistance with choosing the right type of birth control, direct your queries to an Expert for medical clarity and suggestions based on the facts of your case.
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