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iMovie Problems

iMovie, an Apple Inc licensed product is a video editing software application for the Macintosh Personal computers (Mac), iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch. iMovie imports video recordings and photo files from digital video cameras and hard drives to the Mac using either the FireWire interface or the computer's USB port. Often when making a iMovie, a person may run into issues and need questions answered. It may not be an enjoyable experience if there are various unanswered questions that arise during the movie making process. Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions related to iMovie issues that are answered by the Experts.

If an iMovie 11 crashes on start up, how can someone uninstall iMovie?

An iMovie does not get completely uninstalled by just discarding the application. There are other applications available to uninstall the same. Applications such as AppCleaner or AppDelete, may be used to uninstall iMovie since they gets rid of all the files associated with iMovie, along with iMovie. ILife disk or Mac OSx Application DVD will need to be used to reinstall iMovie.

How can the resolution of photos be retained while transferring photographs from an iPhoto to an iMovie HD6.0 to create a slideshow?

iMovie HD converts a photograph’s (image) resolution to a screen resolution when a image is added to iMovie. Adjusting the screen resolution and/ or the video settings may help retain the original image resolution.

How can multiple iMovie projects be merged into one along with their respective sound tracks?

To merge multiple iMovie projects into a single one, an individual may import each project into a new project, mark the chapters and share it on an iDVD. Alternatively, on each iMovie project the individual may use the Share/ Export Movie option, choose Large and save each of them with different names. iMovie will not be necessary if each project is dragged and dropped into a new iDVD project.

If a user repeatedly receives "iMovie quit unexpectedly" error message while using the application, what would need to be done to correct this error message?

When the user repeatedly gets the message "iMovie quit unexpectedly", the user needs to move and anything that has iMovie in its name, to trash. It is located in Macintosh HD / Users / yourusername / Library / Preferences. To reinstall, the user needs to import the iMovie all over again.

How to retain the complete picture in an iMovie?

To retain the complete picture while using an iMovie, select the picture/ photograph; click on the window menu, select the ‘Cropping, Ken Burns and Rotation’ option. In that option, click ‘Fit’ button and then click ‘Done’.

What causes bad thumbnails on iMovie and how can this be fixed?

During the process of importing movies, iMovie can get jumbled up and hence result in bad thumbnails. These bad thumbnails need to be deleted, so that iMovie creates new thumbnails. The below procedure needs to be followed to delete the old thumbnails: The user needs to Launch iMovie, in the ‘event browser’ option, click on all the bad thumbnails holding the control key. Then, select ‘Reveal in Finder’ that will take the user to ‘iMovie Thumbnails’. The user needs to move all the bad Thumbnails from the Thumbnails folder to trash. New thumbnails in place of the old bad ones will be created when the iMovie is restarted. Creating movies in iMovie can be a creative way to hold onto memories, make home movies, as well as share a piece of information with the world. However, with all technology, issues can arise, and questions may need answered. Many times its best to contact an Expert to help get the issues resolved and the project back on track.
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