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iMac Problems and Troubleshooting

Many feel that the iMac is one of Apple Inc.’s fastest selling high end computers. Also known as iMac, these computers first made their debut in the market in 1998. Constant updates and upgrades over the last few years have ensured that iMacs are fitted with advanced technologies. The iMac has come a long way from the original Bondi blue translucent iMac G3. Today’s iMac is super stylish and sleek boasting high performance. But even the best of gadgets encounter problems from time to time. If your iMac is having software or hardware issues you can speak to Experts for troubleshooting tips. Read below where Experts have answered questions relating to the iMac.

How can I keep my iMac from freezing?

You can try shutting down your iMac and then turning it back on. You’ll need to go to the recovery disc and click on Disk Utility. If this does not work then you may need to reset the PRAM and NVRAM. Another option that you could try is to start the computer in safe mode.

How do I get my iMac Lion OS X and other applications to run faster?

You can try running Disk Utility to see if it can isolate and solve the problem. If this does not work then try reinstalling the Lion OS X. You can also try installing a third party disk utility application like Disk Warrior. Disk Warrior is supposedly more powerful that Disk Utility.

Why does my iMac keep logging into the guest account and not the administrator account?

This usually occurs if the administrator account has been deleted or if the OS X is corrupted. You can log into safe mode and disable the guest account. If you don’t have an administrator account you can create a new one easily. If your OS X is corrupted, you should try reinstalling it.

How do I transfer music from my iMac to my iPad?

You can transfer music from your iMac to an iPad by using iTunes. First locate the music that you want to transfer. Open iTunes, drag and drop the selected songs to iTunes. Once the songs are copied you wil need to connect the iPad to your iMac. Click the music tab on the iPad and choose the music that you want to sync. Click sync and the music will automatically get transferred from your iMac to your iPad.

How do I get my iMac’s internal microphone to work?

First try clicking “Repair Disk Permission “which is located at the Disk Utility. After that process is completed you should shut down your Mac and hold down the “Command-Option-P-R” keys before the gray screen appears. As soon as the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound, release the keys and check if the internal microphone gets detected.

If this does not work then shut down the iMac again and this time when you restart it while holding down the Shift Key. This will start the computer in safe mode and you can check if the internal microphone is detected.

iMacs have made life and work simpler for many. Thanks to easy iMac troubleshooting tips users can find solutions to most if not all iMac problems. If you need technical assistance or need answers to your iMac questions you may need to speak to an Expert.

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