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Dodge Ignition Coil Questions

Have ignition coil issues and need some help? Need to know what the ignition coils function is?

The Dodge ignition coil usually contains four wires where one is the common power source (green/orange) while the other three are control wires. Usually at least 0.6 to 0.7 ohms of resistance is present through each coil circuit to the common power terminal.

When ignition coil problems arise, Experts suggest checking the internal resistance. A short in the wiring can overheat the PCM coil driver causing it to fail intermittently due to excess heat.

To know more about Dodge ignition coils, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

Why is there no power to the Dodge ignition coil on the Caravan?

Check the Auto Shut Down (ASD) relay which powers the ignition coil and injectors. If there is no power, the injector pulse will be absent as well as no spark from the Dodge ignition coil. This could imply a faulty ASD relay or the computer may not be energizing the relay. In such a scenario, the inputs to the computer could be defective (such as a faulty cam or crankshaft position sensor) or the power and ground connections.

What is causing a P0354 code implying a defective number 4 Dodge ignition coil to be displayed?

Code P0354 usually gets triggered when the control circuit for the number 4 Dodge ignition coil is unable to complete a circuit from the ASD relay through the coil and back to the engine controller (PCM). Check the electrical circuit by disconnecting the number 4 coil and looking for the dark green/orange wire in the connector. The alligator clip end of the test light should be attached to ground and the probe end of the test light should be used on the dark green/orange wire. The engine should be started to check if the test light, lights up. In case it does not, it could mean a broken wire. If it does light up, the alligator clip of the test light should be attached to the battery positive while the probe goes to the other wire in the coil connector. The engine should be started and the test light observed. It should flash rapidly. If it doesn’t it could mean either a broken wire or the ignition coil driver in the PCM could have burnt out.

What is code 43 ignition coil 3 primary circuit on a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan with the check engine light on?

If a scanner is available, you can use it at the ATM test section (code one), with the key on, it turns the ignition drivers. It should fire every two seconds for up to five minutes. Once it stops, check for a signal (on/off every two seconds) at the PCM, if there is no signal, the PCM needs replaced.

What does code “P0358 ignition coil primary/secondary circuit on a Dodge Durango signify?

This code is related to the cylinder #8 ignition coil primary circuit, meaning the ignition coil could be defective. Apart from this the connector and the wiring should be checked for damage. However, most likely the Dodge ignition coil for cylinder #8 needs to be replaced.

What could be causing three ignition coils to burn out in the last 100 miles on the 1995 Dodge Dakota V8

This could be caused by carbon tracking building up in the secondary ignition, causing the ignition coils to burn up. To avoid this, it is important to have the engine tuned regularly and completely. If ignored other components of the Dodge such as the catalytic converter can get damaged. Other causes for this Dodge ignition coil problem are:
1. Bad tune up component or ignition coil
2. Faulty spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap and rotor
3. Wrong tune up parts such as spark plug, wires and so on

A quick way to check ignition coils would be by observing for leaking secondary voltage. Visually one needs to check any sparks being emitted from any wires or ignition coils when the Dodge is running. If there isn’t, one hand can be placed on the coils while the engine is operating to check if little voltage is leaking from any part. If experienced the tune up part is defective.

Some of the problems listed above are common to Dodge ignition coils. There may be several other questions and problems being faced that need troubleshooting or understanding on how they need to be dealt with. This is where the value of Experts information is important as they are able to provide an answer, solution, and arm you with information regarding your Dodge ignition coil problems.
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