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Chevy Ignition Coil Problems

An ignition coil is an induction coil, which is used in a vehicle’s ignition system to transform the low voltage of the battery to thousands of volts. This creates an electric spark in the spark plugs that ignite the fuel. There are many components in a Chevy ignition coil that can become faulty leading to questions on how to deal with them. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts.

On a 1994 Camaro what could cause the Chevrolet ignition coil to cut off when it warms up and the RPM gauge seems faulty?

Start by checking the firing order ensuring that is it in the following sequence 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 and the distributor rotation is clockwise. Also, in a 5.7L engine an Opti-spark distributor ignition system is used that has a distributor assembly, control circuitry and an external coil. The Engine Control Module (ECM) or Power train control module based on signals from the distributor’s internally mounted optical camshaft position sensor controls the ignition timing in the system. The PCM makes use of the CMP sensor to ascertain the position of the No. 1 piston during the power stroke. The PCM also calculates the fuel injection mode of operation through the signal. If this CAM signal gets lost when the engine is running then the fuel injection system moves to a calculated injected mode based on the last pulse of fuel injection. Hence one would need to ensure that the distributor is fitted properly and also test the ignition coil. An Expert can help with checking both these parts.

What does the code P1351 indicate in a Chevy Ignition coil where the vehicle does not start properly at times and the “Service engine” light comes on?

The code indicates that there is too much voltage in the timing control circuit of the Chevrolet ignition coil. If the voltage on the ignition control circuit exceeds 4.9 volts and the engine speed is less than 250 RPM than this error will set in. One should check for either a poor connection in the system or damaged VCM harness. If the connections and the harness seem fine, then connect a digital voltmeter between the VCM connector C3 pin 9 and C4 pin 18 while moving related connectors and wiring harness. If there is a failure than the voltage reading will change. This will help isolate the location of the problem. One can then take the help of an Expert to conduct necessary repairs.

What could cause the “Check Engine” light to come on and have the code P0353 in a Chevrolet Ignition coil on a 2005 Pontiac Vibe?

One should first switch the Chevy ignition coil for #3 to #2 and drive the vehicle. If the code then switches to #2 then the coil will need to be replaced. Also it is possible that the coil is wiring back to the PCM if the same code sets again. The wiring in the system or a terminal could be at fault and would need to be checked. With respect to no power, a poor connection at the battery or the fuse block can cause this. Test the battery in order to find out where the problem lies.

There are many problems that could occur in a Chevy ignition coil and each issue would need a specific solution. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get advice from Experts who can provide correct information and answer any questions that may arise.
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