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iDVD Problems and Troubleshooting

iDVD is a DVD creation software built by Apple to run on OS X. This type of software provides the user to create a DVD that can be played on a regular DVD player. Often, users tend to experience several problems while running this program such as a corrupt cache or preference, bug issues leading to spots on the screen, unresponsive applications and so on. Consulting an Expert for professional advice is always the best option.

Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to iDVD problems that have been answered by Experts.

How to edit songs using iDVD?

Use an editing software application such as iMovie or Garageband. If required, a person could also visit ‘do-it-yourself’ sites online for additional help.

What could be the problem if an iDVD stops in the middle of burning a DVD prompting that the DVD inserted was blank?

This could be caused by corrupt property list files for iDVD. If this is the case, delete those list files and force close iDVD. Then run the repair permissions function before reinstalling the iDVD.

Why would an iDVD display a message that indicates an error saying rendering/encoding while burning?

Try replacing the audio files of the existing iDVD theme with another one. However, for replacing it, one would be required to pull out the menu audio out of the iDVD window. This should fix the error and the owner would be able to burn DVDs.

What will cause an iDVD to quit suddenly while burning a DVD slideshow wherein the menu and videos have been encoded?

The best way to determine the problem would be to perform the repairing permissions and then carry out a PRAM reset on the machine. If a person does not have the required skills and knowledge to do the reset, he or she would be better off seeking help from an Expert.

What can someone do if an iDVD fails to give out universal sound across all platforms?

Usually, all the DVD players are able to read a DVD and play the audio on them as the audio tracks on those DVD’s are universally encoded. Therefore, play the DVD on some other player to check the audio. In case, the audio is played well on the other player, it would indicate a fault with the original computer or the player and not the DVD.

What could cause an iDVD to fail to burn a DVD with a error message saying ‘Multiplexing Error’?

If the project is excessively long this can happen, therefore, divide the project into multiple parts to reduce the time needed for burning causing the error to stop. Deleting the similar portions of the project in the duplicate ones would be necessary in a process like this.

Sometimes, there could be some iDVD problems which a person may not know how to deal with. For instance, a DVD might quit unexpectedly while burning or there could be a message displaying some error in the program. In other situations, the disc might tend to get stuck a few minutes prior to finishing the burning. Thus, when this is the situation, the person would usually be better off seeking help from an Expert.

If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to iDVD problems, you may ask a Mac Support Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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