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Honda Idle Air Control Valve Questions

Do you need step by step instructions on replacing the Honda idle air control valve? Is your Honda still acting up even after replacing the idle air control valve? Mechanical problems can be very frustrating for car owners especially if they are not used to fixing such problems. Read below where verified Experts have helped car owners with questions such as these and more.

What could cause a Honda car to idle up and down even after replacing the idle air control valve?

Leakage in the vacuum system, air pockets in the cooling system, broken wires at the power steering pressure switch connectors or defective or pinched positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valves could cause the issue described. To determine the exact cause of this problem troubleshoot these possibilities.

What could cause a Honda car to rev up automatically and produce a noise despite replacing the idle air control valve?

Blocked exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) ports could prevent the EGR valves from functioning properly, causing this to occur. However, a stuck open EGR valve or a vacuum leak could lead to causing this problem as well. 

What could cause a Honda idle air control valve circuit to fail with an error code P1519?

Most commonly, it could be due to a faulty idle air control valve that may need to be replaced. Other possible reasons could be a defective computer system or poor wiring. Therefore, troubleshooting these components to find out the exact fault is highly recommended before any replacements are made.

How to set up a new Honda idle air control valve?

To do this, reset the idle system either by unplugging the battery for a couple of minutes or resetting the powertrain control module (PCM) with a scanner.

What could be the reason for a Honda idle air control valve malfunction code?

This could be caused either by a faulty idle air control valve or an unclean throttle body plate. Have the throttle plates cleaned up to check whether it fixes the problem or not. If not, replacing the idle air control valve would be the next best repair option. However, before cleaning the throttle body, one may opt to fix this problem by performing a base idle reset using a diagnostic scanner.

How to remove the idle air control valve in a 2000 Honda Accord?

First, remove the throttle body, this will allow one to see the idle air control valve placed at the side of the throttle. Then, unbolt the connector at the valve and finally, have the mounting screws removed to pull out the component. However, make sure to clean it up if it seems to malfunction.

What causes a replaced idle air control valve to fluctuate the speed of a Honda car when its A/C is on?

The most common cause could be a defective air conditioner system. However, in some cases, a faulty cam and crank sensor, a worn out timing belt, an unclean throttle body or a failed idle air control valve could be some of the other possible reasons.

How to replace a Honda idle air control valve?

First, unplug the negative battery cables and the wiring harness from the idle air control (IAC) valve. Then, unscrew the two retaining bolts from the valve and finally, take the component out by removing the old seals or gaskets. For installation, try to clean the gasket mating surface properly at first. Then, place the IAC valve in its proper position using new seals or gaskets. After this, have the valve properly installed and secured. Once it’s done, plug in the wiring harness to the IAC valve and thereafter, connect the negative battery cables.

What causes an Honda idle air control valve to malfunction?

A fluctuating idle, a faulty or low coolant level, presence of air pockets or a sticky throttle plate from excess carbon build up could be a few possible reasons that can cause an idle air control valve to malfunction.

When your vehicle is not running right it can be very frustrating. Seeking a verified Expert’s opinion to repair a Honda idle air control valve problem is always a good idea, especially when a person is not sure about the right method to fix it. It is also very convenient as one can get all their doubts clarified without even going to a mechanic shop. 

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