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iCloud Problems

iCloud is a platform which allows access to music, photos, documents and more, irrespective of the device being used. It is easy to setup and use, with features that make sharing simple and available only to the people selected by you. It can store content in multiple devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Mac as well as just one Apple device. However there can be times when you face many challenges as well.

To know more about iCloud problems, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

How can the old iCloud user ID be deleted in order to accommodate the new one on the iPhone?

From the iPhone, one needs to go to “Settings” and tap “Store”. Here the old account should be tapped and after which “Sign Out”. Next go to “Settings”, tap “iCloud”. From here one should scroll down till the “Delete account” button is visible. It should be tapped in order to delete the iCloud account from the iPhone. The Apple ID/iTunes ID is essentially the iCloud ID. If the above option does not work, from “Settings”, “General” should be tapped, next “Reset” and finally “Reset all settings”. Once the reset is complete, an option to setup the iPhone will be provided at which point, the new ID can be entered. If this is unsuccessful as well, the iPhone can tried to be restored from iTunes on the computer and setup as a new phone instead of restoring from backup. This is because restoring from backup, will reinstall the old account.

How to retrieve information from iCloud, photos specifically?

To do so, from the iPad, you need to go to “Settings” and tap the “iCloud” tab. From iCloud, the “Photostream” option should be enabled. This feature helps in automatically downloading photos from iCloud onto the iPad. If this does not work, the iPad can tried to be restored from iTunes on the computer after which the “Restore from iCloud backup” can be selected. This is done by connecting the iPad to the computer and opening iTunes. From iTunes, “iPad” should be selected and “Restore” button clicked. Once complete, three options may be provided; “Setup as new iPad”, “Restore from iCloud backup” and “Restore from iTunes backup”. Here the “Restore from iCloud backup” option should be selected to continue. This action restores or reinforces all iCloud information onto the iPad. Another option to view photos is by logging into

I own an iMac, iPad and iPod Touch. After changing the email ID on the iCloud, I am facing problems with iCloud account information. Why do all the other gadgets except the iPad display the old email ID?

To begin with the iPod touch, you need to tap “Settings” and “iCloud”. Here the red “Delete account“button should be pressed. During sign in, the new email ID and password should be used. For the iMac, the Apple logo menu bar should be clicked. Here choose “System Preferences” and select iCloud. After clicking “Sign out”, the new email ID can be used to sign in. These actions should ensure all your Apple devices are synced onto the new iCloud account information.

My Calendar was accidently deleted from iCloud and the iPhone calendar is blank. I am unable to sync iCloud with iTunes to check if data was transferred to the computer. Please help with iCloud troubleshooting.

The first step to take during times of accidental deletion of iCloud account information is to check for availability of backup. This can be checked by navigating to the following path: “Settings”, “iCloud”, “Storage and Backup”. At the complete bottom of the screen, below the “Back up Now” option, a detail will be available on when the last backup was taken. This can be checked to confirm the backup status. In case it states “Never”, you need to check if the iCloud backup setting has been set to “Off”. Generally the iCloud account information will not sync with iTunes instead it syncs with Outlook calendar if the iCloud control panel is installed. If this is not the case, unless the data has been specifically saved elsewhere, it may not be possible to recover the calendar data. One last option would be to log in to and check if the calendar information is still available.

How can books be deleted from iCloud once they are deleted from the iPad?

The feature to permanently delete books from purchase history is not available however they can be hidden. This is done by connecting to iTunes and clicking on iTunes store and “Purchased”. At the books category, the mouse should be placed over the book until an “X” is visible. Clicking on the “X” prompts the option to hide the book.

As seen above, though iCloud software is designed to be simple and as user friendly as possible, being a user you may have many questions or problems with iCloud. It may not be practical or feasible to obtain answers for these questions online or in material. On several occasions it takes simple tips or steps for iCloud repair. Hence to get this type of information and opinions regarding your iCloud troubleshooting, Expert’s guidance and expertise can be useful in obtaining answers and information, quickly and economically.
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