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Ice Maker Repair and Troubleshooting

What is an ice maker?

Ice makers are devices which produce quick ice for immediate consumer use. Ice makers are usually installed inside a refrigerator or can be an independent appliance meant specifically for making ice. Ice makers inside freezer compartments produce ice cubes from a metal mold. A solenoid valve is opened for a few seconds by an electronic timer which makes the mold fill with water from the domestic water supply. The valve closes as per the timer and the ice freezes in thirty minutes. Next the timer activates a low powered heating element inside the mold to ensure the ice does not stick to the mold. Lastly, the timer runs a rotating arm which scoops the ice of the mold into the bin and the cycle repeats. Some models include ice makers built into their doors to provide cubes as well as crushed ice.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on ice maker troubleshooting.

If a small plastic piece has fell into the bucket that forms the ice sheets and water is dripping from an ice maker, how can this be fixed?

In many cases, this is most likely a problem with the water inlet solenoid valve. Among technicians it is referred to as a weeping valve. Despite no power passing through to the solenoid valve, the water manages to seep through and drip onto the tray. Due to the constant dripping or seepage of water onto the tray, the ice maker is unable to make ice. The individual may need to replace the water inlet solenoid valve to fix the issue.

After replacing a water filter why would an ice maker stop working on a LG refrigerator?

Often, LG ice makers are different from the rest. First open the door and push the button at the bottom of the ice maker for 15 seconds. The ice maker should start to cycle. If you do not notice cycling, the ice maker may need to be replaced since it has become defective. If it does cycle but does not fill with water, inspect the fill tube above the ice maker. If it has frozen solid, you could use a hair dryer to thaw it out. If it is not frozen you will need to replace the electronic water valve behind the refrigerator where the water supply line from the house connects to the refrigerator.

What would need to be done to a Scotsman ice maker if the defrost button blinks twice and does not come on?

You can try the following steps to manually reset the machine:

  • Remove the panel from the ice maker
  • Look for the Auto IQ controller. If the red diagnostic light is glowing, the individual will need keep track of which light and how many times it blinks. The, push and release the off button. Next, push and release the freeze button
  • The machine should then start up. In case of no water, the machine will shut off soon
  • Place the front panel back into its original position

If this does not work, you will need to check the water supply, the water valve or coil. If all seem fine, then the individual may need to replace the control assembly.

What could be the cause of ice cubes getting stuck in the plastic teeth located at the top of the ice maker?

If there are only a few number of ice cubes lodging between the ice maker’s teeth, it is possible the ice maker is not filling up with sufficient water. This could be causing the ice maker to produce small cubes which have a tendency to get jammed within the ice maker. In order to fix this, the individual will need to pull the front white cover off from the head of the ice maker. The individual should find a screw at the front face of the ice maker. This can be turned in the direction of the “+” symbol. This allows someone to add more time to the fill cycle allowing it to fill more and thereby make bigger ice cubes. Another thing would be to check would be is if you are receiving at least 120 PSI of pressure from the incoming water line. If all these actions do not resolve the issue, the individual may have to replace the ice maker since it is filling longer than what it is designed for.

The mechanism and functioning of an ice maker is fairly simple. The common problems you can face with it are listed above. With specific instructions you can arrive at the problem area and work upon resolving it. Major problems if encountered may not be with the ice maker but most likely with the water supply, the temperature setting and so on. Therefore to understand better regarding ice maker repair, insights and information from Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.

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