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Ice Maker Problems

Ice makers as the name suggest produce quick ice for immediate use. It is a device usually found inside a freezer or a separate device meant specifically for making ice. Ice makers inside freezer compartments produce ice cubes from a metal mold. A solenoid valve is opened for a few seconds by an electronic timer which makes the mold will fill with water from the domestic water supply. The valve closes as per the timer and the ice freezes. Next the timer activates a low powered heating element inside the mold to ensure the ice does not stick to the mold. Lastly the timer will run a rotating arm which scoops the ice of the mold into the bin and the cycle repeats. Some models include ice makers built into their doors to provide cubes as well as crushed ice and often water. With ice makers being complex, if there is an ice maker repair needed many times it is best to consult and Expert.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on ice maker problems.

My one year old ice maker machine takes in water and the freezer bin also fills up but ice is not being produced. Why?

There could be a Freon leak in the line. Repairing the cooling system or Freon leaks are quite expensive and in several cases, may end up costing more than a new unit. Check your owner’s manual and confirm if you still have warranty for the sealing or cooling system which may help you avoid having to pay an exorbitant amount for repair or buying a new unit.

The tube which fills the ice tray of my ice maker has water frozen in it. Why is the ice maker not working?

Check the water inlet valve by the compressor to ensure continuity on the coils. In case either one is open, the valve assembly would need to be replaced. Also try defrosting the water feed tube. After which you will need to wait around 12 to 24 hours to check if it has started working again.

Why is my ice maker over filling and spilling water into the ice bin?

This issue may not be isolated to the ice maker alone but with the water valve or solenoid located at the rear bottom of the refrigerator. You will find the solenoid where the water line connects to the fridge. It generally consists of two screws, a plug and two compression fittings. It could have sediment collected in it or has failed to allow the water to leak out. Replacing the solenoid would be a quick and easy solution.

Why has the ice maker on my Supurba refrigerator stopped working after the door storage bin was emptied?

First you be to check the fill tube that distributes water to the ice maker. Sometimes the tubes could have frozen and can be cleared using a hair dryer. Other times the controls may need to be reset. Unplug the unit or the turn the breaker off for five minutes. Once power is reinstated, the ice maker should start within 3.5 minutes. Wait for 3.5 minutes and open the ice maker door to observe what is happening. If it does not work after these actions, there is a possibility of component failure.

What can I do to fix the ice maker which stopped working on my GE refrigerator?

In such a scenario you would need to determine whether ice maker is not taking in any water and circulating it. Another reason could be no water supply is going through to the refrigerator. To check this, fill the ice maker with a cup of water and wait for 24 hours to check if it circulates and produces the ice. If it does not happen, the ice maker could be defective. You may have to replace it. If the water circulates but does not fill with water, check the fill tube located behind the ice maker. If it is frozen, use a hair dryer and thaw it. If this tube is not frozen, the electronic water valve supplying water to the refrigerator needs to be changed.

The mechanism and functioning of an ice maker is fairly simple. The most common ice maker problems are listed above but a person can face many others. With specific instructions you can arrive at the problem area and try to complete the ice maker repair yourself. Major problems if encountered may not be with the ice maker but most likely with the refrigerator itself. Therefore to understand better, insights and information from Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.
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