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Is ice cream bad for dogs?

Our dogs, puppies or pets may beg persistently for food items we as humans consume. In offering a treat we sometimes will offer from our plates. Are the foods we eat ok to share with our pets? Is ice cream good for dogs? In rewarding our pets with treats we want to make sure that it is an actual reward, not a reward that may cause them discomfort. Read below where many Experts have answered questions regarding ice cream for dogs.

Is ice cream bad for dogs of small breeds?

Ice cream for dogs, if offered only on occasion and in very small amount, may not be a problem for most pets. If a pet suffers from gastrointestinal issues or has other health problems one may consult with their veterinarian in offering their pet ice cream.

A small dog has eaten a small part of an ice cream sandwich that includes a chocolate cookie coating, is ice cream good for dogs?

In a small dog it may take up to 4 ounces of chocolate to cause a problem. Ice cream for dogs may not be as toxic as that of the chocolate cookie. Symptoms to watch for in your pet may include panting, shaking, trembling, hyper activity and seizures. If one’s pet has digested a large amount of chocolate or ice cream, or begins to experience symptoms, a visit to a veterinarian may be necessary. A veterinarian may offer medications to help with the symptoms until the chocolate makes it journey through their system.

Is it okay to give an elderly large breed dog ice cream on a daily basis as a daily treat?

We may tend to treat our pets too frequently in showing our love and appreciation for them. Large pets in particular can have issues with obesity. An ice cream cone treat for an overweight dog is probably not the best treat as it may also be hard on their intestinal functions causing diarrhea in ones pet. The digestion systems requires certain enzymes that aide in the breakdown of foods. Dogs may not have the necessary enzymes required in breaking down the milk sugars in most ice cream. If a pet is in good health, not overweight and has shown no adverse effect to the ice cream cone, than an occasional treat of ice cream may be ok. An Expert may offer insight to treats for dogs that would be an acceptable pet friendly treat to offer their pet.

Is ice cream bad for dogs? Is it okay to give a small yorkie milk as a treat?

Milk may be difficult for a dog to digest, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea. So when asked is ice cream bad for dogs, maybe so, not all dogs systems may tolerate the necessary break down needed in food digestion. Dog ice cream, designed specific for dogs may be available at your pet food supply store, in offering a pet friendly treat that your dog’s digestive system can process without causing harm to your loved one.

A dog that has eaten ice cream is shaking, trembling and vomiting, what should we do?

Signs and symptoms show that your pet may be suffering with gastritis, or abdominal discomfort. A trip to your veterinarian or pet hospital may offer a proper diagnosis and treatment for your pet’s distress. There may be medications that one can use in relief of their pets symptoms, a proper diagnosis is necessary in prescribing a correct dosage that may offer relief.

Pets like people can develop allergies or intolerance to certain foods. In that a dogs make up may not include the necessary enzymes that aid in digestion to digest milk products ice cream may not be good for dogs. If your pet shows symptoms that include vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, tremors or seizures it may be necessary to see your veterinarian for relief of your pets discomfort. It may be best to consult with an Expert in understanding treats that may be rewarding and pet friendly in offering your pet satisfaction in a reward earned.

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