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Ice Box Problems

What is an ice box?

An ice box is a traditional, compact, non-mechanical refrigerator. It was used primarily and more commonly before the development of refrigerators. They are boxes with hollow walls which are usually lined or packed with tin, zinc or other insulating materials such as cork saw dust, straw or seaweed. In most cases, a large block of ice is placed on a tray or compartment at the top of the box. The cold air then circulates down and throughout the storage compartment at the lower sections thereby keeping the contents cool/cold. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on ice box.

Why is the freezer section of an ice box dripping where the water is collecting on the freezer floor and freezing?

In many cases, the individual will probably need to clean the drain hole and tube. The drain tube extends from the back of the freezer and drains out into a drain pan. To access it, remove the back panel and locate the drain pipe. Try inserting a small hose into the drain tube and blow to clear out the tube. Once cleared, the circulation will improve and prevent freezing or leaking.

A relatively new ice box’s performance has dipped drastically in the recent time. The freezer or refrigerator compartments leave the food spoilt and ice accumulates on the back of the wall. What could be the issue?

If both refrigerator and freezer are warming up it indicates a defrost problem where the air is not being circulated properly. Try unplugging the unit for at least 24 hours. Another option to try would be to empty the freezer and remove the lower back panel of the freezer to try defrosting it with a hair dryer. Once the frost has thawed, the unit should start working. To avoid this problem in future, you could replace the defrost heater.

Why is the metal between the freezer and ice box of a Whirlpool ice box hot to touch?

There are a couple of things which can cause this. A faulty compressor fan behind the compressor can result in heating of the ice box. Try unplugging the unit for ten minutes. Once you turn it on the fan should come on and the blades should spin freely. If it is not, then it will need to be replaced. If the fan works fine, there could be a blockage in the coils within the inside wall or a dirty condenser coil. Clean the coils and remove any lint within the coils.

The ice box within a fridge is constantly freezing and dripping water into the fridge. What could be a solution to this problem?

This is a fairly common problem of the defrost drain line freezing and requiring to be thawed out. It can occur for no apparent reason. To tackle it you need to start by emptying the freezer and removing its back panel. Use a hair dryer to thaw the ice and look for the drain hole. Pour hot water down the hole until you see the water draining correctly. Once it is doing so, blow compressed air into the pipe to ensure it is clear. Use a six inch long solid piece of copper wire to wrap around the defrost heater which is above the drain hole. Extend it into the defrost drain opening as well. This will help prevent the problem from recurring as the heat is transferred into the drain hole when the defrost heater comes on.

Sometimes an ice box can be a part of your refrigerator or can be a separate portable device. The mechanics and operation is quite simple and standard. The common issues listed above can be easily resolved by a layman with the help and proficiency of an Expert. If you are facing different issues, it is important to equip yourself with basic information to handle them as well as to take decisions on whether the repair is worth your time and effort. The help and guidance from Experts will prove useful at this juncture as well.
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