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iBook Problems and Troubleshooting

The iBook is a laptop computer sold by Apple, and it was the first mainstream computer designed and sold with integrated wireless networking that was targeted for entry level, consumer and education markets. The iBook was replaced by the MacBook in 2006. Though the iBook is usually reliable one could experience problems and may need help with repair or iBook troubleshooting. Given below are some of the commonly asked questions that have been answered by Experts. .

What could be done if an iBook G4 is in sleep mode?

The power button should be held down for 5-10 seconds, to force the laptop to power down and thus cause it to come out of sleep mode. The applications that are open might close and the computer should reset. If this does not work, the battery should be removed for one minute and replaced. Then the system will need to be powered back on. If the LED light does not blink, it is necessary to check if the laptop power adapter is plugged into both the laptop and a power outlet. If there is no change, it could be a hardware problem, so it should be taken to the nearest Apple store or a Mac technician.

When a new iPad doesn’t toggle between the iBook library and the iBook store, how can this be fixed?

When a new iPad doesn’t toggle between the iBook library and the iBook store, it could be that the iPad is just frozen, and resetting could fix it. The power button and the home button could be pressed and held at the same time for at least ten seconds. The iPad should automatically restart and return to the home screen. If it doesn’t restart after 10 seconds, the power button and home button could be held down until it restarts itself.

What version of Mac should be used to install iBook Author?

In order to install iBook author, the Mac version needs to be 10.7 or above. Lion (10.7) or mountain lion (10.8) could be downloaded from the Mac app store.

How can books be deleted from an iBook purchased collection so that they don’t come up again on the iBook?

Books can only be deleted from the library. What is usually seen in the purchased collection is a list of purchases made using the Apple ID. When something is purchased from the store, they are attached to the person’s ID, so that they could be downloaded again free of charge if required. No one has access to it as they are stored in the iTunesStore Cloud. One could probably request iTunes to delete it from the cloud by emailing

What could be done if an iBook G4 does not boot up and the spinning wheel spins forever?

The current operating system disk could be inserted, and it could be restarted by holding down the letter C key until the Apple logo appears, and choose the language best suited. At the top of the screen there will be a Utilities menu drop down. On the Disk Utility, the hard drive will need to be highlighted (usually Macintosh HD) and click on the Verify Disk located on the right. If that is OK, Repair Permissions should be clicked on. If Verify Disk is not OK, Repair could be tried. If Repair is not successful, it may be a hardware problem.

First insert the operating system disc and restart by holding down the letter C until the Apple logo appears. At this point the language should be chosen. Find the Utilities drop down menu at the top of the screen and choose Verify Disk and then click on Repair Permissions. If the Repair Permissions does not solve the issue, then more than likely this is a hardware problem.

The iBook which is a laptop computer was a commercial success. Though it is considered reliable, problems may arise from time to time, resulting in questions. That’s why it is important to turn to Experts for additional help.

The iBook even though a little outdated still gives great user experience. Just like any other electronic the iBook can experience issues or problems that can cause a user to have questions. Many times a quick question to an Expert can help solve the issue in a affordable manner.
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