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I-94 Form Related Questions

What is an I-94 Form? Do you need to know what this form is used for? If you are not a citizen of the United States and planning to travel within and have questions, a verified Expert can assist you.

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What is an I-94 Form used for?

An I-94 Form is used by the United States customs to keep a record of a foreigner’s arrival/departure.

What should be done if an I-94 Form is lost?

If an individual loses an I-94 Form, he or she will need to file a Form I-102, an Application for Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Document with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office that has jurisdiction over where a person is located. A person will need to submit a copy of the original I-94 Form. If an individual does not have that, he or she will need to submit a copy of the biographical/photo page from his or her passport and a copy of the passport page that was stamped by a border inspector when the individual entered the United States. If an individual cannot submit evidence of his or her legal admission into the United States, then a full explanation with proof of identify will be necessary.

Does an individual need to present his or her I-94 Form when leaving the United States?

An individual will need to present the I-94 Form when leaving the United States and when returning.

Besides the I-94 Form what other documents should an individual bring to an interview with an insurance agent?

  1. Alien Registration Card; and

  2. Photo identification; and

  3. Passport and any travel documents issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Services; and

  4. If an individual has been arrested, complete arrest reports, certified court dispositions, probation reports, including records that may have been sealed or expunged; and

  5. Copies of recent tax returns.

Can a non-citizen/non-resident of the United States travel on airlines using an I-94 and an expired passport?

To enter the country a passport needs to have sufficient time remaining to exceed an individual’s entry date into the country by at least six months. The passport with its visas and I-94 should be present on a person or reachable at all times. It is advised that a person keep a copy of the passport, visas and I-94 with them, and place the originals in a safe deposit box.

In New York, does a print broker for international airline companies need a permit to print I-94 Forms?

Under New York state and city laws, a person is not required to have a specific license or permit to print.

Other than an I-94 Form, what will a Canadian citizen need to get a work permit for a job offer as a sales manager at a Toyota dealership in Phoenix, Arizona?

The individual should apply for a TN visa, which is easily obtained. The documentation needed is proof of the job offer and the requirement that the job requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Most Canadians apply for TN status at a pre-flight or port-of-entry inspection facility while entering the United States from Canada. The admission process for Canadian citizens includes:

  1. A review of the required documentation by a Department of Homeland Security office; and

  2. Acceptance of the filing fee; and

  3. Issuance of an I-94 Form. The form should have the appropriate date and port-of-entry information, the classification in the TN category (TN-1 for Canadians), an expiration date of up to three years from the date of admission, a “multiple entry” notification and the employer’s name.

How long will it take for an individual, whose I-94 Form is due to expire soon, to hear a decision on an extension of immigration status?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has stated that due to the unusually large volume of receipts at service centers it is taking longer than expected to enter cases into the system. Depending on the type of case and service, it may take 14 days to generate and mail a receipt notice. Once a receipt notice is generated it may take an addition 2-3 days for a customer to receive a receipt notice in the mail.

Can a person with an expired I-94 Form be arrested?

The expired I-94 will automatically void a person’s B2 Visa, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services may arrest and deport the individual with the expired I-94 Form, as he or she is an illegal alien.

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