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I-90 Form Questions

What is an I-90 Form?

An I-90 form is one of the documents required to be filled up under certain immigration cases. For instance, a permanent or conditional resident of the United States can apply to the USCIS to replace his/her Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) by filling in and submitting Form I-90. However, the form cannot be used by a conditional resident to get conditions removed from his/her Green Card.

Below are a few commonly asked questions about the I-90 form, answered by Immigration Lawyers.

In the I-90 form, is the term “immigrant visa” different from a Green Card?

Your Green Card is the actual lawful Permanent Resident Card. An immigrant visa refers to visas like an IR-1, CR-1, K-1, K-3 and so on while a non-immigrant visa refers to visas like B-1, B-2, H-1B, H-2B visa and so on.

Question about payment for green card replacement using an I-90 form

Case Details: I stay in Texas and submitted the I-90 form online to replace my lost Green Card. There was no information regarding online payment, so I didn’t include my credit card details. Will my application still be considered? Or can I send the fees by check, along with the supporting documents by mail?

There should have been an option to submit the payment online so it would be best for you to contact USCIS regarding the fee immediately. Alternatively, you could send the certified check payable to the Department of Homeland Security, along with the relevant documents, to the following address:

Nebraska Service Center
Attn: E-Filed I-90 Application
PO Box 87090
Lincoln, NE 68502-7090

Until your payment and the additional documentation are received, your application will not be considered. Finally, you should find out why you were not prompted to submit the payment online before you send the check so your application will not be delayed because the payment does not match the right file.

If I have an attorney, is he the only one who signs the I-90 form?

No. Both of you would have to sign on the I-90 form. You would have to sign under Part 5 and your attorney would have to sign it under Part 6.

Is there any way to correct a mistake made while submitting the I-90 form online?

Case Details:My Permanent Resident Card and driver’s license expires in 2 weeks?

As soon as you get your fee receipt, you can send a letter amending the form to the address that is on the fee receipt. Once you get your fee receipt, make an InfoPass appointment online and carry your passport and fee receipt. CIS will help you stamp your passport with temporary evidence of resident status and you can use this to renew your driver’s license.

What is meant by “the city where you applied for a visa or adjustment of status” in Form I-90?

The city that you were interviewed when you received your Green Card is what is being referred to here.

A Form I-90 is used to replace Green Cards that are lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed. They can also be used to update a Green Card with a change of name or other biographic data; to replace Green Cards that were never received, or even to replace ones that carried wrong information due to an administrative error.

It is an important immigration document and it's important that you fill this form correctly. Being informed about all aspects of the form can help your cause and minimize legal hassles or delays. When you are not sure about some aspect of the I-90 form, it's best to ask an Expert.
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