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Hypothyroidism in Dogs

What is hypothyroidism in dogs?

Hypothyroidism may be a very common disease in medium to large breed dogs. This disease may be a shortage of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland may be located underneath the larynx in the throat. The thyroids purpose may be to create the hormone thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These hormones help regulate a dog’s metabolism. If a dog has low metabolism, the dog may be suffering from hypothyroidism. For more information regarding hypothyroidism in dogs such as, what cause hypothyroidism in dogs or is there a cure for this disease. Read below where an Expert has answered questions like these and many more.

What can happen if a dog that has hypothyroidism goes untreated?

In cases where a dog has hypothyroidism and the condition is not treated, the dog may not have regular thyroid levels. The thyroid may affect more of the dog’s body than the thyroid hormone levels such as, metabolism, body temperature control, heart, kidney, liver and brain function, skin and cellular activity. In some cases if a dog is not treated for hypothyroidism may make the dog overweight, cold, and have serious skin problems. This all could lead the dog down a serious path to death.

Will hypothyroidism cause anorexia?

In some cases hypothyroidism may have caused anorexia, but usually this may not be a side effect for a dog to commonly see. There may be an underlying cause for the loss of appetite for example, gastrointestinal infection, liver disease, and obstruction, pancreatitis or kidney disease. In some cases if a dog is dehydrated this could cause loss of appetite. It may be a good idea to have a vet run blood work on the dog, to rule out some of the possible causes of the anorexia.

What are or if any long term affect of thyrotabs? Is there a home remedies that can help with hypothyroidism?

In some cases where a dog has taken thyroid tablets, may not have any side effects. Normally thyroid tablets such as thyrotabs may be relatively safe for a dog to take. Thyrotabs usually do not cause organ illness or failure or any other long term effects. Now as for if there are any home remedies that could help treat hypothyroidism. Thyro Pet may help with this disease, vets may not know how much help this medicine may be for a dog.

Could hypothyroidism cause an elderly dog to lose weight?

In some cases it may be rare for a dog to lose weight, which has hypothyroidism. It may be possible for a dog with this disease to lose muscle mass. Typically if a dog may gain weight that has hypothyroidism, this usually is due to irregular thyroid hormone levels. With this being said the dog may need blood work ran to find out what is causing the dog to lose weight.

Hypothyroidism in dogs may sound very scary if the dog owner does not have any education on this disease. This may not be a disease to take carelessly; this disease may cause death to a dog if not treated properly. Many dog owner may have questions when their dog is diagnosed with hypothyroidism for example, what is the prognosis of hypothyroidism or will a dog be in pain from this disease. For answers to these questions and many others contact an Expert.
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