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Hypothyroidism Treatment Related Questions

Hypothyroidism occurs when a person has abnormally low production of the thyroid hormone. Testing for hypothyroidism generally includes testing for the presence of TPO antibodies. This condition may have a connection with miscarriages and, in some cases, erectile dysfunction as well. In fact several men experience this problem not knowing that hypothyroidism could be the cause of it. While there are various hypothyroidism treatments available, many people are unaware that there are different types of this condition to begin with. To learn more about hypothyroidism treatments, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by the Experts.

Is there any link between hypothyroidism and early miscarriage?

Hypothyroidism could be linked to a miscarriage due to the fact that a fetus is unable to produce its own thyroid hormone until week 10 of a pregnancy. Therefore, a miscarriage that occurs during week 7 of the pregnancy may be due to the mother having hypothyroidism. Generally, a patient is treated with Levothyroxine in this situation. Also, if hypothyroidism is suspected, a person is usually tested for the presence of TPO antibodies as they can cause hypothyroidism in younger women and may also be linked with miscarriage.

What is subclinical hypothyroidism?

Subclinical hypothyroidism means that a person can have normal thyroid hormone levels but may have a slightly elevated thyrotropin level. In some cases, a patient may show clinical symptoms that include psychological conditions. This can be responsible for anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction and may require treatment to avoid overt hypothyroidism.

However, if the patient develops erectile dysfunction, it may be advisable to consult a urologist who can evaluate the case and rule out other causes such as testosterone deficiency.

Does subclinical hypothyroidism have to be treated if it shows no symptoms? Also, does the condition affect cognitive function in any way?

Typically, treatment for subclinical hypothyroidism is only considered if the patient develops symptoms. In most cases, if the patient leads a sedentary lifestyle, there may not be any issues. However, if the patient is active or into sports, thyroxine may be required depending on their TSH and Free T4 levels. Not taking the medication may not affect the patient's heart but it may raise the bodily requirement for these hormones that could eventually cause the subclinical hypothyroidism to switch to overt Hypothyroidism.

As far as cognitive issues go, they could vary from drowsiness to the patient going into a coma if the condition is not treated. Therefore, it is important to keep a constant check on hormone levels and start treating the condition the moment any symptoms are noticed.

How does Oxycontin affect hypothyroidism?

Oxycontin generally doesn't affect hypothyroidism as this condition means that the person's body isn't producing enough of the thyroid hormone and narcotics usually have no effect on the production of this hormone. However, some narcotics may make a person sleepy or sluggish which can be mistaken as hypothyroidism symptoms. In this situation, many people who use narcotics may choose to have their TSH and T3/4 checked on a regular basis.

When a person has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, they may have many medical questions and concerns regarding symptoms and treatment. It is also important for them to get the right treatment at the right time to stop the condition from becoming worse. If you need answers to important medical questions, ask an Expert for medical insights and suggestions. They can offer information both quickly and at an affordable cost.
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