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Questions about Hypothermia

What is hypothermia?

Often, the body’s core temperature may go below the normal temperature. This may often affect metabolism and/or body functions. Typically, a person’s body may stay at a certain temperature; this may often be done by biologic homeostasis or thermoregulation. In some cases, if the body is open to cold elements for an extended period of time; where the internal organs are not able to reload on heat the core temperature may drop. This may typically be known as hypothermia; one may exhibit signs or symptoms of hypothermia as the body becomes colder. This may be a serious condition if not reversed very quickly.

What are the most common sign and symptoms of hypothermia?

An individual may have many signs or symptoms when diagnosed with hypothermia. These may include but are not limited to.

A person may shiver this typically means the body is trying to warm up, however if the shivering stops this may means the hypothermia is getting worse.
• Some individual’s may experience slow or shallow breathing
• Memory loss may occur
• Confusion between what is reality and fiction
• Some people become exhausted or drowsy
• The speech may run together or mumbled
• Some individual’s may lose control of their hands
• The pulse may be weaker than normal
• In some severe cases of hypothermia an individual may become unconscious and may have no signs of breathing

For more information regarding hypothermia such as, how hypothermia is treated, can hypothermia cause death and can hypothermia cause paralysis. These questions and many others may be answered by an Expert.

Could a diabetic patient get ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) from a severe case of hypothermia?

In some cases, when a patient is diabetic it may be a good idea to look at why the patient became hypothermic in the first place. In some situations, hypothermia may not be the central basis to idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. The reason for the idiopathic thrombocytopenic may be due to what has caused the individual to become hypothermic. The idea of ITP is that there may be no exact known reason even though some believe that ITP is known to be an autoimmune condition that may be caused from antigen antibody reaction.

What is the cause of hypothermia?

In some cases, the main cause of hypothermia may be from prolonging contact to extremely cold temperatures. Also, an individual may develop hypothermia from cool, damn environments; there may also be cases where an individual’s body has become wet which could make the body temperature to drop significantly. If a person does not dress properly such as not covering the arms, head or legs this may often cause hypothermia.

What does it mean if a person has a low temperature of 96.1 degrees, and having dizzy spells, upset stomach and vomiting?

In some situation, an individual may be completely healthy and still have a body temperature that is low. Now, it may not be a good idea if a person is sick and has a low temperature, it may be time to seek a doctor for an evaluation. Typically, hypothermia may often be described by, an individual’s body becoming colder faster than the muscles can contract, shivering and metabolism may heat up the body. This normally is a condition that may need to be seen by a doctor, so that the symptoms can be reversed.

Hypothermia can be a very serious condition especially because this could happen very quickly. In some cases a person could become hypothermic without realizing how cold they are. Hypothermia may be a condition that should not be taken lightly; the reason for this may be due to the fact that an individual could die fairly quick. Some people may have questions upon finding out they or a loved one has hypothermia, is hypothermia a virus, is there medication to reverse hypothermia and do certain ages get hypothermia easier. An Expert can answer these questions and many others pertaining to hypothermia.
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