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Hyperparathyroidism Treatment

Hyperparathyroidism occurs when the parathyroid glands in the body produce large amounts of the parathyroid hormone. The tiny parathyroid glands are found in the neck and are responsible for maintaining the correct level of calcium in the body. To learn more about hyperparathyroidism and the effects the disease may cause, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Can hyperparathyroidism be present with high PTH but normal calcium levels?

Hyperparathyroidism may be present even when calcium levels are normal in rare cases. However, there are other issues that may cause a high PTH with normal calcium levels. These include gastrointestinal problems as well as low calcium intake, vitamin D deficiency and kidney disease. Once these problems are tested for and excluded, hyperparathyroidism may be considered a possibility. If a person is diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism from an adenoma (benign tumor) surgery may even be required.

Can cheese and milk be eaten by someone with hyperparathyroidism?

There are some dairy products that may cause sensitivity in a person with hyperparathyroidism such as milk, cheese and butter. For this reason, many doctors prefer that a person with hyperparathyroidism look for other options when trying to increase their calcium levels.

It is important to monitor the amount of calcium in the diet and eat adequate amounts to fulfill bodily requirements. For example, one can get the daily recommended amount of calcium by eating dark leafy greens, almonds, ale, spinach and beans.

Foods that many people with hyperparathyroidism try to avoid are red meat, processed foods and products containing trans fatty acids. Most physicians may help provide a patient with a list of healthy food options that can help keep calcium and vitamin D levels in check as well.

Can hyperparathyroidism be healed without surgery?

Hyperparathyroidism occurs when the thyroid produces too much PTH hormone. The over production of this hormone generally increases calcium levels and causes low phosphorous levels.

As for surgery, one must first determine whether they suffer from primary hyperparathyroidism or secondary hyperparathyroidism. Primary hyperparathyroidism may be caused due to a glandular defect. Secondary hyperparathyroidism is generally caused by a disease which affects the PTH gland.

Testing for primary or secondary hyperparathyroidism is generally performed by an endocrinologist. If the person has primary hyperparathyroidism, surgery may be performed to remove the four glands and one will be transplanted into the forearm of the patient to allow the body to have some PTH hormone. If it is secondary, the cause can be diagnosed and treated accordingly. There are also several dietary restrictions that need to be followed that can be discussed with a doctor.

Is hyperparathyroidism linked to patients who have grave's disease and who have been treated with radioactive iodine?

There have been recent studies conducted that show a connection between hyperparathyroidism and patients who have been treated using radioactive iodine. Due to this finding, it is recommended that people who have been treated with radioactive iodine are generally tested to check their calcium levels.

When a person is diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism, many medical questions arise. They would like to know how to treat this issue, what kinds of treatment exist and what the risks are. If you have any questions or concerns regarding hyperparathyroidism, ask an Expert for medical insight and suggestions for proper treatment based on the facts of your case.
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