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What is a Hydro Spa?

Hydro Spas are used for both therapy and relaxation. The spa filters water in and pumps it through the system and jets distribute the water into the tub. Regular maintenance and water quality are important to maintain the perfect balance. Problems with Hydro Spas can be due to poor maintenance that leads to dirty filters. Replacing the water and keeping the water balanced can help with troubleshooting. Hydro Spa troubleshooting is not an easy task, given the presence of its several parts. Sometimes if it is not utilized for some time, it can shut down or display errors. 

To get more information about Hydro Spa troubleshooting, below are common questions answered by Experts.

What does it mean if the “FLO” symbol is displayed and the Hydro Spa’s main pump doesn’t turn on, but the motor makes a humming noise?

Typically, the “FLO” symbol is indicative of the pressure or flow switch not closing. This could be the reason the pump is failing to operate. In order for the Hydro Spa to heat, the pump should circulate water. A voltmeter can be used to test whether there is voltage at the pump. Since a humming noise is emanating from the pump, the pump motor shaft may not be turning on and/or the pump impeller could have ceased. The easiest remedy then would be to replace the pump or motor assembly. To obtain the right Hydro Spa part, the specifications on the existing pump should be noted to get the exact replacement. This would have happened because the pump would have been operated without water.

Why would a Hydro Spa’s jets not work while the visual diagnostic system buzzes and three small lights flash on the control panel?

The buzzing noise being heard is indicative of a malfunctioning pump which is turning on but not operating or frozen (probably due to lack of usage). The three dots being displayed on the Hydro Spa signifies there is no flow through the system and is causing the system to shut down. If the pump is frozen then there may be a need to replace it. Prior to this, there may be a slight possibility that with some manual assistance, the pump can begin to work again. To attempt this the back cover of the pump at the point where the electrical cord accesses the shaft of the motor, should be opened out. Once opened, using a tool or by hand, try to turn or reset the spa pump or motor. If this proves to be unsuccessful, the replacement is fairly straightforward. The bolts which hold the pump should be removed while the pump wiring and the unions in the front and top should be disconnected to remove the old pump. The same process can be reversed to install the new Hydro Spa pump.

Why would a used Hydro Spa repeatedly switch from the low to high setting on its own?

This Hydro Spa problem could be a temporary glitch occurring in the system. It is not unheard of this to happen at start-up where the pump automatically switches to high setting for a few minutes. In case this Hydro Spa has Balboa controls, this phenomenon is merely a test or an exercise for the high-speed setting. Ideally, it should turn off automatically and run normally after a few minutes.

Why has a Hydro Spa Desire series shut down and displays “FOH” or “HOF” on the control pad, even after resetting the power?

The code being displayed is actually “OH” or Overheating and is not a normal code that is displayed. PRH is a Hydro Spa control code meant for the temperature alarm. Both these codes imply a faulty sensor reading. To address this issue, the high limit sensor can be replaced and the Hydro spa should be rebooted. The high limit sensor can be found at the control box of the Hydro Spa.

Why  is the miswired light on a 2005 Hydro Spa coming on when it is working good otherwise and has the correct incoming voltage?

The miswired fault light could also be related to a door latch switch. Usually, door latches are magnet style switches and do have a tendency to fail often. This can be checked by inspecting the back of the control box for the wiring diagram. The door latch switch location should be displayed here as well. Power should be tested for, ensuring all wires are fine and nothing is pinched or obstructed. The wires should be inspected for burn marks as well as burnt relays. 

Hydro Spa troubleshooting as seen above can encompass a gamut of issues. To know more about a particular Hydro Spa part or problem, the value of Expert information can be quite useful. They can provide solutions and answers which may not be available elsewhere in a quick and reasonable manner.

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