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Humidifier Problems

What is a humidifier?

A humidifier can be a point of use household appliance or whole house, furnace devices which combine with the house’s humidity, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) to control the humidity level inside the house. They can be used to increase or decrease the level of humidity or moisture content in the room or the entire house based on the appliance or device. A de-humidifier is used to remove condensation from the air.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on humidifier problems.

Can I use my air conditioner if my humidifier is not functioning?

It is possible to use the air conditioner even if the humidifier is not working. Based on the set up of your system, the humidifier usually requires the heater or air conditioner to be functioning but the humidifier need not be running for the air conditioner to work.

My Autoflo humidifier is not providing sufficient humidity to our house. Can two units be combined to double the output?

Merging two units is not recommended as it could cause excessive moisture within the ductwork, which will or could eventually lead to a mold problem. Installing the system or unit in line with the duct work is more suitable than before any bend in the system. This type of installation allows for more and better initiation of moisture. A Fedders unit is known to provide more moisture than your current Autoflo humidifier.

My humidifier seems to be running constantly. The reading indicates HI at a 45 setting and no water in the bucket. Could it be broken?

If the unit is running continuously, it could indicate a problem of low refrigerant. A refrigerant problem is one that most service companies are unwilling to repair since they are susceptible to repeat failure. Try checking with your local heating and air conditioning service companies if they are willing to service your unit. Sometimes purchasing a new unit would be the better alternate option.

Do I need to use distilled water for my Kenmore humidifier and how do I clean it?

Use of distilled water would be the most suitable however it can be quite expensive. Tap water or filtered water can also be substituted for distilled water and this also helps in keeping the lime scales limited. There isn’t much involved in cleaning except ensuring it is full and the white fiber filter in the tank is clean. In order to clean it, you should remove the filter soak it in vinegar which will help remove stubborn hard water deposits. Replacing it every six months will also ensure trouble free functioning.

What could be wrong with a Fedders humidifier if it is producing very little moisture and is making a loud vibrating noise, however the noise stops when the motor and impeller pump is lfited out of the pan while the motor is running?

It seems that the pump motor is malfunctioning. The motor needs to be installed correctly to avoid the motor from depreciating prematurely. Vibrations are caused especially when a load is put on the motor and is an indicator of the framework breaking down. If this is the case, it is not repairable and most likely will need to be replaced. If the unit is within the manufacturer’s warranty you can contact them to have a technician to examine the unit free of charge.

A very dry environment could lead to health issues. Humidifiers are essential to introduce moisture into the environment and maintain an optimum atmosphere. Humidifiers can face many other issues minor or major apart from the ones mentioned above. Usually when the coolant system or compressor is affected it could work out to be more reasonable to replace the unit with a new one rather than to repair it. Minor issues such as leaks and blockages could be resolved by repairing the humidifier if you are comfortable to do so. This is where consulting Experts will help you know the right way to approach your problem and also provide useful information.
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