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What is humanitarian parole?

Humanitarian parole is used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to allow an individual into the country. Humanitarian parole is not used regularly and only admits an individual temporarily into the United States. A compelling reason must exist and be approved.

According to the USCIS web site they may grant parole temporarily:

  • To anyone applying for admission into the United States based on urgent humanitarian reasons or if there is a significant public benefit
  • For a period of time that corresponds with the length of the emergency or humanitarian situation

Individuals seeing entry into the United States via humanitarian parole will undoubtedly have questions throughout the whole process. Uncertainties of how to apply for humanitarian parole or what the requirements are to get humanitarian parole often lead to questions like the ones answered below.

What are the requirements for the humanitarian parole application?

Any individual can file a humanitarian parole application. If you are unable to get necessary documents for entry into the United States from the Department of State, you can file the application. Individuals cannot use the humanitarian parole to avoid any visa-issuing procedures or to bypass immigration procedures. There must be an urgent humanitarian reason to be granted the humanitarian parole.

What is the process to begin asking for humanitarian parole?

First you would need to apply and get denied for a visa. Failure to complete this step will more than likely deny you for humanitarian parole. The humanitarian parole process begins when you fill out the humanitarian parole application (I-131). The Humanitarian Assistance Branch then should receive your application, a doctor’s statement, and a $305 filing fee. If the application is complete it goes into a database and the individual is sent a letter and assigned a case number. Security checks will be run against the individual who filed the application. If the checks clear then a file is created and given a priority level to be worked. The entire process can take anywhere from a month to three months or even longer.

How can I get my wife to the United States for medical treatment?

Case Details: I am a United States citizen. I married a woman in Africa. My wife is pregnant and there is very poor medical care in Africa. I sent I130 and GA 25 to immigration. 

In this case, the individual can apply for Humanitarian Parole for you wife while her I130 is pending. The humanitarian parole is used for true emergencies. If approved, then your wife can be brought to the United States while her I130 is pending. If you wife is having complications with her pregnancy then you may have a good case for the humanitarian parole. The humanitarian parole will require a doctor’s note of some kind to prove the complications and or reason for the application.

I currently have humanitarian parole to be here in the United States. My wife is a United States citizen. Can I become a permanent resident because she is a citizen?

The possibility to become a permanent resident is a good one. With your wife already being a citizen and you already being in the United States by humanitarian parole you have a really good shot. You would need to make sure that you were inspected by an Immigration officer, which if you were paroled that should have already been completed. With these things in place becoming a lawful resident is in your reach.

Having the right information and understanding of humanitarian parole can help when dealing with questions regarding entry into the United States, Experts can help answer what humanitarian parole is or share the process for the application of humanitarian parole. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.

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