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Questions about Human Rights Issues

What are human rights?

Human rights are the rights allowed to each human being simply because they are human. These rights are food, clothing, housing, basic education, the freedom of choice and religion. Human rights are the same for everyone regardless of where they live. To learn more about human rights violation related issues, take a look at the questions below about human rights issues that have been answered by Experts.

What legal importance does the declaration of human rights have in the United States?

The declaration of human rights doesn't have a legal affect in the United States. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has good intentions and acknowledges certain freedoms and rights that are usually enjoyed by wealthy societies.

There are certain unfunded rights held within the Declaration that are acknowledged; such as food, clothing, housing, medical care, basic education and needed social services should be given to those in need and that cannot obtain these necessities on their own. Aside from these rights, there isn't an actual legal importance to the Declaration.

My employer has caused me undue stress because he has placed everyone on the SR. clerks list except me. Can I file a human rights complaint against him?

If you were able to prove that your employer has discriminated against you based on your age, sex, religion, race or disabilities, you might have a case. However, the right to a job doesn't fall under human rights issues. Human rights are a person's right to personal liberty and due process of Law, the freedom of expression, thought, movement, religious choice, organization and freedom from discrimination from age, race, religion, language, education, employment and to personal property. In order to have a human rights violation, you would have to have grounds for this charge. Just because your boss didn't select you for a position doesn't necessarily mean you're human rights have been compromised.

Where is the best place to practice international human rights or humanitarian law in the federal government?

Due to the various laws and regulations that cover human rights, there isn't a very wide area of human rights law in the United States. The US Department of State and the United Nations would be a good place to practice human rights law because these entities concentrate on human rights issues. US human rights law has several opportunities to practice human rights law. There are social service agencies which offer a chance to practice; Social Service, Housing, US Attorney Civil Rights Division and the EEOC are just a few agencies that would probably suit your needs.

I need to find a Pro Bono attorney to assist me in fighting a massive human rights issue at a HUD apartment complex. Where should I search and what should I look for? I am located in Illinois.

Pro Bono attorneys are usually so busy with their case loads that it may be a very difficult task to find one with enough time to take your case. However, there are a few suggestions that will help you in your search.

You could contact the America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The ACLU will more than likely not have the time to assist you with your case, but they could possibly help you find a Pro Bono attorney in your area who could take your case.

You can contact the American Bar Association for a list of Pro Bono attorneys in your state. Many of the agencies listed under Pro Bono actually handle housing cases. Even if none of the agencies have the time to assist you in your case, they could refer you to an attorney in your area.

You can also contact a law school clinic. These clinics offer free or low cost legal assistance by law students who work under a practicing lawyer. The majority of these schools have very good reputations and Illinois has several law schools.

Human rights questions can best be answered by a legal Expert. Though it is not a replacement to retaining the services of a lawyer, asking an Expert can arm you with legal information and insight that can help you in your case. If you have doubts or concerns regarding human rights, you should always seek the legal insight of a professional.
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