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Housing Discrimination Laws

What is housing discrimination?

Housing Discrimination is considered a continuing problem that seems to be all over the world. Housing discrimination does not get reported as often as it should. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) states that there are more than two million cases of housing discrimination that happen each and every year, but less than one percent of the two million cases are reported. The Fair Housing Act states that housing discrimination is illegal, below is a list of things that one may not be discriminated on the basis of:
• Race or the color of skin
• A persons national origin
• What religion a person precipitates in
• Their gender
• Whether they are a family, or a single individual
• Also, if the individual is classified as being disabled or not

All of the above listed is considered illegal for a renter or real estate agent to discriminate against another person.

What should someone do if they feel they are experiencing housing discrimination?

If an individual feels as if they are being discriminated against when either trying to rent or buy a home the individual will need to keep in mind while filing their complaint they will need to include the listed information:
• Their name and current address
• The name and the address of the individual that they are filing the complaint against
• The address of the housing complex that is being involved in the compliant
• The reason why they feel they are being discriminated against, or the reason why they believe that their rights are being violated
• And the dates in which this has all taken place

When filing their complaint the individual will need to contact their local Housing Urban Development (HUD) or visit

What can someone do when they have made an offer to purchase a family members home where the offer is a true value of the home, and the family member keeps declining the offer? Is this a case of housing discrimination?

The law does protect against housing discrimination in many different ways, and when an individual refuses to sell a home to another person because of their own personal issues, the seller can face serious consequences. The buyer can sue the seller for housing discrimination. There any may lawyers who are experienced in this area of real estate law, and can handle the housing discrimination claims.

If someone has lived in an apartment complex for over 10 years, and they have seen that now the landlord is offering lower rent to newer tenants is that considered housing discrimination?

The laws do not state that the landlords are required to offer all apartment complexes at the same price to each and every tenant. The landlord has the right to ask less or even more if they choose to do so. Now, with that being said it will not be considered legal if the landlord is trying to discriminate against another tenant by either favoring the tenant or not favoring them based on their color, religion, age, gender or if they are disabled. If the individual feel this is the reason for the lower rent, the individual can file a complaint with the Office of the Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Department of Housing and Urban Development. This office will look into the person’s complaint and decide as to whether or not this is based of discrimination or not. If they rule that this is a case of housing discrimination they will take the necessary steps in order to stop this practice. Also, the individual can sue the owner of the apartment complex if it is ruled out as housing discrimination, and if the discrimination was directed towards that person.

In the state of Maryland is a landlord allowed to refuse an apartment application based on the individual being on Social Security’s Supplemental Security Income or Section 8?

This would be considered housing discrimination, and housing discrimination based on an individual’s type of income is illegal under Maryland’s Fair Housing Laws. Any type of income and that includes public benefits and SSI is required to be considered in deciding if the individual has met the qualifications in renting or sale of a house. This will also include an individual using Section 8.

When renting or trying to buy a home, many individual will face rejection. When facing rejection these people don’t look into why they got rejected, some individual’s will be rejected for the color of their skin, their type of income, religion or gender. This all can be classified as housing discrimination. For more information on housing discrimination contact the Legal Experts online.
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