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House of Representatives Questions

House of Representatives is in charge of making and passing federal laws. The number of representatives is based on the population of the 50 states and is fixed by law by no more than 435 votes. Some states have numerous representatives that represent jurisdictions within the state while states with smaller population only have one representative. Take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts to learn more about the House of Representatives.

How do I get a state law changed regarding construction contracts in Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

State legislators write state laws. The legislators hold the authority under state constitution to write the state laws. You follow this link to read the process in a document from the OK House of Representatives:

This Oklahoma Legislature document explains how a bill goes through legislature:

If you wish to create a new law or change an old law, you must contact your states legislators' office and tell them what you have in mind. You can use this website to find your states legislators:

Your legislator will assist you through the process and explain how to take you ideas to the legislature.

How do the congressmen in the House of Representatives get elected?

The United States House of Representatives, along with the US Senate are called the U.S. Congress. However, you won't find many senators who like to be called congressmen. The number of representatives per state will depend on the state's population. Because of the large population in California, this state has 53 U.S. House of Representative members in Washington, D.C. The state of Montana has 1 U.S. House of Representative member because the population is much smaller.

Regardless of the size of your state's population, the people vote for the U.S. House of Representative members. In the states with large populations, each member will represent districts within the state. In states with smaller populations (like Montana) the 1 representative member will represent the entire state.

If you are 18 years old and have no felony convictions, you will be eligible to vote every two years for your U.S. House of Representative member for your district. The person you vote for will be the one who you would like to represent your district or state in Washington, D.C.

What type of law can the President approve without congress/senate?

Before a bill can become a law, it first has to go through the Senate and the House of Representatives with a majority vote and then the President will sign it. If the President decides to veto the bill or chooses to take no action, the bill will be sent back to Congress. When this happens, Congress has the choice to pass the bill again by overriding the President. To do this, it will require a 2/3 majority vote. While the President may try to encourage people to introduce a bill by giving his support to the bill, he/she cannot create a bill and make it a law on his own. The President is known as the Commander and Chief of the military. This title enables the President to make executive decisions concerning the military and can be done without Congress.

How can a politician (including the US President) be removed from his/her office for violating his/her oath of office?

This act would require an impeachment. When the House of Representatives resolves to Impeach a President, it is left up to the House Judiciary Committee to determine if the allegations of wrongdoing by the President warrant a referral to the full house for vote to continue with a formal impeachment inquiry. While the entire House of Representatives will vote for or against an impeachment, it only takes a majority vote to push it through.

To learn more about the House of Representatives, you should ask an Expert. An Expert can provide you with information about the House of Representatives and the goal and responsibilities of the House. If you have an idea for a new law, you should ask an Expert on how to make your ideas reality.
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