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Hot Plate Repair and Problems

What is a hot plate?

A hot plate is a self-sufficient, portable small appliance used mainly for the preparation of food in locations where a kitchen stove or range is not a realistic option and where there is a regular need to move the appliance around from one place to another. Though the hot plate can be used as a separate appliance, it is generally an alternative for one of the burners from the oven range or the cook top of a stove. One of the standard features of the hot plate is one, two or more gas burners. Electric hot plates and induction hot plates are available as well. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on hot plate.

How do I stop the electronic igniters from clicking on my gas hot plate burners?

When your hot plate starts to click or spark continuously it is usually a sign of liquid or moisture entering the switch relay or spark module of the hot plate. This can be either while cleaning or when any liquid boils over. You could try unplugging the unit for 24 hours. This amount of time should be sufficient to dry out the affected parts. The clicking should stop once you plug it on after 24 hours. If the clicking persists, turn on all the burners. If the clicking does not stop, one of the burner switches could have failed. To find out which one, turn off the burners’ one at a time, the switch under the knob which sparks needs to be ordered and replaced. If the burner is not the problem, you may need to replace the spark module.

How can I remove the black sticky tar-like residue of a melted hot plate holder which is stuck in my self-cleaning oven?

You can use a hair dryer on hot setting to lightly melt the hot plate residue until it is soft enough to be scraped off. You can also try using a mixture of baking soda and water on the residue and let it remain for 30 minutes. After that warm the oven and it will help get the hot plate off quicker. Using the self cleaning option on the oven can lead to unnecessary emission of smoke.

What is a solution to change the factory setting on a Kemore Elite Electric hot plate in a convection oven where temperatures only go as low as 100 degrees?

There are no physical changes or alterations which can be done on the unit since the parts designed to sense temperature cannot recognize such low temperatures. An option which could work would be to place a 110 volt hot plate unit in the oven and adjusting the setting on it to provide the required amount of heat to reach and maintain the temperature you need. The hot plate’s cord will be able to withstand 100 degrees of heat. This is a simple and economical solution for your requirement.

If only hot plate has broke, does the individual only need to replace that one or does all hot plates need to be replaced?

This is most likely a case of the ceramic hot plate being defective. You can test the ceramic hot plate using a multimeter to confirm. The other possible part which can be affected is the switch controller for the ceramic plate. It would make sense for you to inspect and confirm prior to any purchase in the event the problem is only a burnt wire. However in case you were to buy another hot plate, it will not be futile since eventually you will need to replace them if they start to malfunction.

Hot plates are useful small appliances especially when you are on the go or need a temporary cooking solution. Since they are portable and small they fulfill your cooking needs easily. The problems you may face with regard to hot plates may be as described above or different. The hot plate repair information you need for your hot plate issue can be easily obtained by consulting Experts. Their experience and specific information can help resolve your issues in a reasonable, economical and efficient manner.
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