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Hot Flashes in Children

What are hot flashes in children?

In most cases, when a child suffers from rising temperature and flushed face, this may be a hot flash. In most cases, when a child gets hot flashes, there is generally no understood reason for them to happen. There are theories as to why children get hot flashes like Diabetes, hormone changes, food allergies, sleep cycles, and possible consumption of spicy foods. The symptoms that come with hot flashes in children generally include, pressure in their head, a flushed or blotchy appearance, night sweats, weakness, fatigue, or dizziness. The treatments for hot flashes may include, life style changes, opening windows or using fans, and in some rare cases medication may help. Below are questions regarding hot flashes in children that are answered by an Expert.

What could be causing hot flashes in a child who has ADHD and is feeling weak?

If the child is on stimulant medication, then the medication itself may cause the hot flashes. If the child is off of his/her medication, then depending on the child’s age, this may be cause from hormonal changes. There may be many causes for the hot flashes, like a long lasting effect from the medication not being fully out of the child’s system. If the hot flashes do not resolve themselves in a couple of weeks, then the parent may want to consider taking the child to see their doctor to see if there may be other medical issues causing the hot flashes.

If a eight month old child is experiencing hot flashes, chills, has a milk allergies, and acid reflux, what could be causing the hot flashes?

In most cases, the child may be suffering from Autonomic Nervous System. The chills may also, but is a less likely cause, to be suffering from a tumor in their Pituitary gland. Generally there are less likely causes like hypertension, electrolyte imbalance, or even hormonal causes. If the child is gaining weight and growing at a normal weight, then generally the hot flashes would not be considered a serious issue, but the parent may want to check with the child’s doctor to see if there are tests that can be ran to check for medical problems that may be causing the hot flashes.

If a 12 year old child has always been in good health, but lately has been having hot flashes and headaches, what can be causing this issue?

In most cases, when a child is this age, then they may be experiencing hormonal changes as they go into puberty. If the parent is bothered by the symptoms, then they may want to consider having the child checked out by their doctor, but in most cases, as puberty completes or the child hit full puberty, then the hot flashes and headaches may go away.

When a child has hot flashes, then the parent may have questions and concerns about what causes the hot flashes. The child and parent may have concerns, since hot flashes generally only happen during menopause. The parent or child may have questions like what can cause the hot flashes in their child, what can be done to stop the hot flashes, or even if the hot flashes are normal or will go away on their own. When these questions arise, then the parent may want to seek the answers from an Expert.

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