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Chevy Horn Questions

A horn is an important sound-making device in an automobile that is used to warn others of the approach of the vehicle or of its presence. In many countries, it is required by law to have a horn in an automobile. Just like with any mechanical part, faults can occur in a Chevy horn leading to questions. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts.

How to remove the Chevy horn switch in a 2002 year Venture with a six cylinder engine?

Since the horn switch is part of the steering wheel inflatable restraint module, the entire module will need to be taken out. A special tool known as the J 44298 driver air bag removal tool will be required for this procedure. First disable the SIR system and then look for 4 openings that are located behind the steering wheel. These are for taking out the driver inflator module. Move the steering wheel such that two of the four openings are on top and install the J 44298 tool into these 2 holes. Press the handle back towards the I/P and release the 2 spring loaded fasteners at the same time. Rotate the steering wheel and open the J 44298. Remove the cruise control level cover using one of the tool fingers. Place the tool again around the cruise control lever and repeat the same procedure for the other 2 holes. Slowly take out the driver inflator module from the steering wheel. Take out the connector position assurance and the electrical connector from the driver inflator module. Remove the horn grounded lead from the threaded hole and turn the horn contact lead anticlockwise by a quarter turn. Take out the Chevrolet horn contact lead from the steering column cam tower and remove the inflatable restraint steering wheel module. Ensure the module is fully deployed before disposing of it.

How to install a Chevrolet horn switch?

Once the old inflatable restraint module has been taken out, re-connect the new Chevy horn ground lead into the lower left threaded hole in the steering wheel. Put the horn contact lead back into the steering column cam tower. Turn the horn contact by a quarter turn clockwise to lock it. Connect the inflator module electrical connector and CPA. Ensure the driver inflator wires, redundant control wires and horn wires are all routed properly. Align the driver inflator module fasteners to the holes in the steering column and push the module firmly into the steering column to engage the fasteners. Re-enable the SIR system.

What could cause a Chevy horn in a 2005 Trailblazer to not work properly?

The 15-amp fuse in location 21 of the fuse box could have blown causing the horn to stop working. Inspect the fuse and replace it if required. If the fuse seems fine, install a new horn relay and see if that helps. If both options do not work, then there is a fault with the horn switch and it would need to be replaced. An Expert will be able to help with replacement of the switch.

Where is the Chevrolet horn relay located in a 1998 Cavalier?

The horn relay is located in the convenience center in this vehicle. The convenience center can be found on the right side in front of the passenger compartment.

There are many components in a Chevy horn that can fail and each issue would need a specific solution. Hence, it is preferable to get advice from Experts who can provide correct information and answer any questions that may arise.
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