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Hormonal Changes in Women

Hormonal changes in women can cause many health issues that are upsetting or disruptive to a woman's daily routine. While the effects of some hormonal changes are subtle, others can be very obvious. Some of these side effects include changes in energy levels, weight problems, mood swings, depression and more. To learn more about hormonal changes in women and the available treatments for it, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Can hormonal changes cause vaginal itching?

In many cases, vaginal itching can be caused by low levels of estrogen in the body. Typically, a person can confirm this by having blood work done. If tested positive, a person is usually given estrogen supplements to increase the levels.

Many infections can also cause a woman to itch and experience a burning sensation. Yeast infections and bacterial infections are examples of these that both cause itching and burning and make the person very uncomfortable. If a woman thinks she has an infection, her doctor can do a culture and run tests to determine what he itch is being caused by.

Home remedies include soaking in a warm bath with Betadine which works really well when taken twice a day. Monistat combo packs also work for fungal infections. Another option is to eat 200mg of yogurt daily and take Ibuprofen after meals, twice a day, for a period of five days to bring down any infection or inflammation.

What causes large blood clots during a menstrual cycle in a woman aged 45?

In many cases, women experience hormonal changes close to the age of 45 that could lead to the formation of large blood clots. This has been connected to a lack of ovulation in women at this time. When ovulation doesn't occur, the uterine lining gets built up due to the lack of a period, which will ultimately result in excessive bleeding between periods, heavy periods and large clots. Another issue that women of this age face is uterine fibroids. However, with fibroids, every period seems to be heavy with large clots. At this stage, it is recommended that the woman visit a doctor who can diagnose the problem correctly. Many times, a woman is given progesterone pills to cause ovulation to occur, stop any pre-cancerous changes and help regulate her periods.

What hormonal imbalance causes mood swings, headaches and depression during a menstrual cycle?

Usually, a lack of regular ovulation causes irregular periods and the hormonal changes that accompany this can cause headaches and depression. However, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is a common cause for mood swings that occur before and after a period.

In many cases, to determine if the issues are being caused by hormones, a woman can be placed on low dose birth control. This will help regulate the hormonal levels and stop any symptoms that are being triggered by hormonal imbalances.. However, if the issues still remain after using the low dose birth control, they could be caused by other problems and would need a doctor’s help to diagnose them.

Can thyroid hormones or a cyst cause an irregular menstrual cycle in a woman aged 46?

Case details: Treated for PCOS for the past 12 years.

Typically, changes in thyroid hormones may cause unusual changes in menstrual cycles. However, a simple cyst usually doesn’t cause an irregular period. It is possible that Perimenopause could be causing these cycle changes in a woman aged 46. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and perimenopause are both capable of causing hormonal changes that could lead to sudden bleeding.

Other causes could be problems with the uterus, ovaries, and possible infections. Since it is hard to determine the actual cause without testing, it is recommended that the person get a vaginal smear test, hormone level study and ultrasonography to diagnose the problem.

Hormonal changes affect all women to different degrees. With these changes come a range of issues that women may not always know how to handle. If you have questions or concerns regarding hormonal changes in women, ask an Expert for medical insights and suggestions on treatment based on the details of your case.
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