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Honorable Discharge Questions

What is an Honorable Discharge?

What are the Army honorable discharge benefits? Where can someone receive a copy of their honorable discharge records? What are the honorable discharge codes? Read below where many people have come to Experts regarding Honorable discharge questions.

What is an honorable discharge?

An honorable discharge is where a service member has received a rating from good to excellent in their line of service. Those who have met or exceeded the required standards of duty are normally those who receive honorable discharges. If someone does not complete the term of service to receive honorable discharge that is not classified as misconduct, such as the person being physically or psychologically enable to perform their assigned duties will normally have their service classified as honorable, regardless if their condition or disability occurred in the line of duty.

If someone stops reporting to scheduled drills what kind of discharge will they receive?

If they stop all together showing up for drills, more than likely they will receive an Other Than Honorable (OTH). This is common for the National Guard units. Other Than Honorable is not a “dishonorable discharge”. A dishonorable discharge is classified as a punitive discharge and can only be received in court marital. A Other Than Honorable is an administrative discharge, and it is still an unfavorable discharge and can affect the person’s future view for employment.

How can someone in the state of Texas replace their Honorable Discharge Certificate from the United States Air Force (USAF) that was lost if they have their DD-214 form?

They will need to contact the Air Force Personnel Center at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. They will also need to make a written request to replace their Honorable Discharge Certificate and send the copy of their dd-214 form. For more information on how to receive another copy of an Honorable Discharge after it has been lost seek the advice of an Expert.

If someone has received an Honorable Discharge but is listed under Section 8, what kind of benefits are they entitled to?

Section 8 refers to a category of discharge from the United States Military for being mentally unfit for service. In the 1950’s Section 8 discharges were given to the service members that were found guilty of “Sexual Perversion and this was classified as undesirable discharge, depriving the service person so discharged of Veteran’s benefits, but not losing any citizenship rights, such as the right to vote.

What are the different types of discharges in the Military?

There are many types of discharges in the military. The most common discharges are:

1. Administrative: Entry Level Separation (ELS): uncharacterized
• Honorable: received a rating from good to excellent
• General: given to those whose performance is satisfactory
• Other Than Honorable (OTH): given to those who are convicted by the civilian court that brings discredit upon the armed forces
• Clemency: given to those military personnel who resisted against the Vietnam War

2. Punitive
Bad Conduct (BCD): is given by the court martial
• Dishonorable (DD): can only be handed down to an enlisted member by a general court marital

How to receive an Honorable Discharge or how to receive an Honorable Discharge benefits, can often times be confusing and very complex. For more information about military discharges, ask an Expert.
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