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Whether you’re a student or a parent – sometimes especially when you’re a parent, who hasn’t seen the inside of a classroom in a decade or more – there will always be times when a helping hand is a blessing.

Homework helpers are abundant on the Internet. Online tutoring websites are a natural result of technological advancements and educational needs, and have evolved to include almost every subject students can tackle from middle school through college.

Online tutoring has many advantages, starting with flexibility and convenience. A parent or child can contact an Internet homework helper around their own schedule, right from home where they’re most comfortable. It also saves time driving to and from a tutor’s or student’s location.

Convenience for the tutor usually translates into less expensive homework help. Local tutors can cost as much as $100-150 per hour, while online homework helpers generally run in the $15-$35 range. In addition, getting assignment help with the anonymity of the Internet can be much more suitable for a shy student than personal help.

Homework helpers accessed online also increase the number of choices you have. For example, there may not be a Visual Basic tutor available in your town, but you can find many available to you on the Internet.

Online tutoring can be an excellent resource in an emergency – when a student simply isn’t prepared for an upcoming test, or he or she needs a refresher on something learned earlier in the year in order to complete a current assignment.


And when it comes right down to it, today’s students, as digital natives, demand technology-based solutions, and want to learn in ways that best suit them. This can include ongoing tutoring using Skype and email, or asking occasional questions when a student is stumped by a particular assignment.


Is online tutoring dependable?

While tutoring websites are a booming business, some people question its legality, or at least its ethics. Many students are using these sites to actually have their work done for them, but users are reporting problems such as poor quality, plagiarism and resulting bad grades.

Students should also be wary of non-native English speakers offering to write papers for them.

While the point of learning is to actually do the work yourself, many observers point out that it’s perfectly legal to pay to have homework completed for you, and that it’s sometimes necessary if the student is overwhelmed or has simply hit a brick wall in solving a problem.

In addition, many people actually learn by studying an answer they know is correct, rather than guessing.

Online tutoring requires more discipline from a student, who might find it too easy to be distracted by incoming texts and alerts. It also works better for some subjects than for others.


Where can I find online homework help?

With these caveats in mind, it’s good to know that the Verified Experts on JustAnswer.com are thoroughly vetted and expert in their fields, so you can trust the assistance they offer. They’re also available at any hour of the day or night and can handle a variety of subjects:

  • Business and Finance 
  • Calculus and above
  • Engineering
  • Essays
  • French
  • German
  • Long paper
  • Math
  • Multiple Problems
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Research
  • Short Essay
  • Single Problem
  • Spanish
  • Structural Engineering
  • Writing

Having these tutors available 24/7 can be the difference between an A and a failing grade.

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