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Home Loan Questions

Individuals contemplating the different aspects of a home loan have had questions throughout the process. Uncertainties of what the correlation of employment length to a home loan is or where the best place is to apply for a home loan is often lead to questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

Where is a good place to get a home loan?

Your own bank or credit union is a great place to try for a home loan. If you apply at your own bank or credit union they will easily have access to your account history and can offer you a good or favorable rate if you qualify. If your own bank or credit union is not an option for you then you could go to a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers work with several different lenders, one of which may fit your circumstances.

When applying for a home loan do you have to show a current pay stub or will a 1099 work?

Most mortgage companies that supply home loans will require paystubs and W-2s and even tax returns when you apply for a home loan. If an individual has 1099 income then the lender will most likely require the tax returns. A 1099 employee is equivalent to being self-employed; the lender would probably request the full tax return including schedules. They may also require bank statements, verification of employment, and perhaps copies of pay stubs.

Bank of America services my home loan. Wells Fargo is the investor. Is title transfer required with this set up?

Individuals that own their home carry the title to that home. Neither the bank that services the loan nor the investing bank holds the title. They hold a lien against the home. If you were to default on payments then the home would go into foreclosure. The house would be sold and you would receive any money that may be left over after the mortgage and any extra costs are paid. If you sell the home the banks would get paid off at the closing.

When applying for a home loan, does the amount of time an applicant has been employed impact the qualifies decision?

The amount of time that an individual has been employed does have a great effect on whether or not a person may qualify for a home loan. Even though there is no specific amount of years an individual needs to be employed, the longer the employment the better the financial stability is shown. Employment length alone will not qualify an individual for a home loan. There are many instances where a short term employed individual with a great credit history has qualified for a home loan. There are also many cases where a long term employed individual but with bad credit has not qualified for a home loan.

With 580 to 680 credit score range, would I qualify for a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) home loan?

Case Details: This would be a first time homebuyer loan. 

For credit scores above 580 FHA will typically allow for maximum borrowing. Based on credit scores you would qualify for a home loan but that is not all a home loan qualification is based on. The lender will also look at your income to debt ratio. They will also review your payment history from credit reports.

Knowing the right kind of information and having a good insight of a home loan can help when you are faced with situations that involve home loan questions. Experts can help answer where a good place to apply for a home loan or if the length of employment has any bearing on obtaining a home loan. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.

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