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Home Insurance Laws

What is home insurance?

Home insurance, also known as hazard insurance or homeowner’s insurance, is insurance that is taken on private homes. Home insurance offers policy holders different kinds of protection from situations that include losses to the home, its contents loss of its use and so on. It may also offer liability insurance for accidents that could occur at home as defined by the policy. There are several laws that govern home insurance in the United States to protect the rights of homeowners and insurance companies. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on these issues.

If I cannot get vacant home insurance, what other options do I have since I still have a mortgage on the home?

One kind of insurance that you can look at in this situation is unoccupied homeowner’s insurance. This can be taken for temporarily unoccupied properties and is seen as a better option to vacant homeowner’s insurance which is not only expensive but also less favorably looked upon by insurance companies.

Am I covered by my home insurance for disability and medical costs and inability to work if I get bitten by my cat?

Home insurance has many types of policies that offer different kinds of coverage. You would need to check your policy again and see if it covers this particular kind of issue. Additionally, the amount of coverage also varies depending on the policy and, in many cases, proof of the damages sustained is required. Typically, most policies do not have coverage for this type of issue.

I just filed a claim for leaks in the roof. The adjuster came out after the snow melted and reported that it was due to rain. Four more snowstorms pass and my contractor wrote due to ice this was the cause for damages. The insurance company wants me to file a second claim, why?

Every state has an insurance commissioner office. They investigate complaints about insurance companies licensed in the state. Failure of the insurance company to timely handle a claim is a breach of the duty and can be held accountable in court. Delaying claims processing would be the reason and is practicing bad faith. When the insurance company accepts the payments on the insurance policy they are making an “implied covenant of good faith” This contradiction can hold them accountable.

I made a home insurance claim for damage to my house. The job they performed to repair the damage went horribly wrong. What are my options now?

You could begin by writing a letter to your insurance company that describes in detail what the exact problems are and demand that they fix all the issues the way you would like them to. Make sure this is a certified letter that you send with return receipt requested. Ask for all the issues to be sorted out within a specified time frame, failing which you are going to have to file two claims against them: One for a Breach of Contract and the other for a failure to reasonable settle. If you win the case, you will not only get actual damages but also punitive damages that amount to three times more.

Buying home insurance is an important thing for any home buyer and it has several advantages. While the questions above may have answered some of your queries on the issue, there could be other questions you have that pertain to your specific case. In this situation, turn to an Expert who can offer professional insights and opinions, both quickly and affordably, to deal with your case.
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