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Home Inspection Questions

A home inspection is a test that determines the safety of a home or structure. This test is to make sure the building is properly built and suitable for dwelling. At times an inspection can be what makes or breaks the sale of a home. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding home inspections.

Can California mobile parks require inspections of privately owned trailers?

California legislature states that owners of mobile home parks are within their rights to request home inspection of all trailers on their property, including the mobile homes that are privately owned. This civil code was put into place to help mobile park owners to keep all trailers on their property up to state health, safety and building codes.

What is an intrusive home inspection?

An intrusive inspection is a more intensive look into a home that is showing signs of major issues. An inspector may use non-destruction methods to look into the walls, celling or electrically wiring. These methods may include drilling small holes, or removing electrical fixtures in order to use a tool called a bore scope. A bore scope is a use to look for termites or any other problems that may be causing deterioration of a home’s wooden structure.

Does asbestos have to be removed before a house can pass inspection?

An inspector may require the removal of asbestos containing materials if the asbestos will be disturbed during renovation or if the area is getting torn down for rebuilding. The reason for this is because asbestos is only a health hazard when it is disturbed. If the structure containing asbestos is not going to be tampered with, it can still pass a housing inspection.

Does a home owner have to allow the inspection of the entire house?

Residential home inspections require the entire property to be inspected to insure safety. In the event that a home owner denies access to any area of the dwelling, the inspector may be forced to deem the house unsafe to live in.

Can a renter have a rental home inspected?

The renter as well as the owner is within legal rights to seek home inspection. However; the cost will fall upon whoever is requesting the inspection.

As you read above there are so many aspects surrounding home inspection. Sometimes an inspection report is all it takes to make or break the sale of a home. And what do you do when something major is wrong with your home and it wasn’t listed on the inspection report? These questions can be quite costly when trying to figure them out on your own. Don’t tackle them alone; ask a verified Expert who can help you with these questions and more.

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