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Hob Problems

A homeowner pressing a button on an induction stovetop

A hob is an appliance installed in a kitchen designed for the intention of preparing and cooking food. Hobs work on the principle of direct heat applied for the cooking process and may also contain an oven for baking as part of the unit. Hobs have burners on top of the stove or built into the counter top. The newer models of cook tops are made of glass ceramic.

Listed below are a few common questions about hobs answered by Experts.

After a power cut my induction hob is not responding to “on” or “lock” commands. The panel is flashing the digit 8. What can I do?

The power cut and the induction hob error is interconnected. It could be a case of the power shutting off due to a fault of the hob or the hob has been affected by the power outage. The first option to try is segregating the power to the hob for 10 minutes and turning it on to check if the electronics has reset. Next try pressing and holding the key symbol button for some time. If nothing happens, it is most likely a case of malfunctioning or failed electronics. The fault could also lie with the main power units which are quite expensive to replace. You will need to contact the company if it is under warranty or have a serviceman inspect it as it may need an internal inspection.

How do I unlock the child lock function on my Bosch electric hob?

Typically based on the model, you need to press any one of the buttons and keep it held for at least ten seconds to unlock the child lock feature. You could also try pressing and holding the space which is just below the light. If this does not work, try pressing and holding each button one after the other for ten seconds. One of them will most likely unlock the hob. If these actions do not help and the manual does not provide more information, try turning off the mains of the appliance for at least 20 minutes. This could reset the machine and the child lock feature to make the electric hob work again.

Why does the right side of my induction hob flash intermittently and switch off within 30 seconds?

This indicates the burner is not detecting the metallic pan which is being placed over it. Ensure the pan is meant for induction cooking and whether it works on another burner. You could also try attaching a magnet to the pan. If the pan is fine and meant to be used on the induction hob you may have a case of a defective burner power board. This is generally located directly below the burner. It is an expensive part to replace and the cost can range from $300 to $400, excluding service charges.

My hob and oven were on for two hours. After I cleaned the hob an “E” symbol flashed and it stopped working. A red light is blinking when I turn on the switch. What could be problem?

Usually when you are cleaning a hob, the hob can tend to turn off on getting wet or damp. Try using a hair dryer to dry out any dampness. The E symbol signifies that the machine perceives a key being pressed continually. This normally occurs when there is debris on the surface (which is not the problem in your case since you just cleaned the hob) or a fault with the touch pad. If turning the power off and on after a while has not made the error disappear, this is most likely a permanent fault requiring the touch board to be replaced. It is possible to replace this yourself if you are comfortable to do so but it may not be easy or simple.

Why have the left side burners stopped working and displaying a backward “g” symbol on my Bosch induction hob?

There could be two possibilities, either the power board is defective or the fuse is faulty. To check you would need to dissemble the unit and remove all the screws around the edge. This will help you take off the gas. Under the burner box locate the two fuses around and near the back, middle area. Generally if the left fuse is defective it can lead to a power failure error.

Hobs are a necessity in any kitchen. There may be different types and functions in various models but this is one appliance which is normally present in most kitchens. Hobs with the oven feature offer a variety of options and sometimes issues as well. Hob repair can be managed by you as the owner if you get some basic information and guidance. To do that you have Experts who can help you find the problem and resolve it effectively and as well as reasonably.

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