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Hives Symptoms in Children

Hives are a common type of rash that may appear on children’s skin either due to an allergic reaction to food or something in the environment or due to any infection that they may have got. The rashes that are characteristic of hives may appear similar to other kinds of rashes and blisters. However, hives can be difficult to identify whether the child has hives or any other kind of rash. Given below are some of the important questions about hives that have been answered by Experts.

What could be the cause of hives in a two month old baby? How can these hives be treated?

There could be different reasons for a 2 month old baby to get hives. It could be caused due to anything that the child touched, ingested or inhaled. In some cases, it could be caused due to an allergic reaction as well. Though the use of anti-inflammatory steroid cream and hydrocortisone cream may help to reduce the irritation and inflammation of the skin, it may not give immediate results. One may have to use them for a long period of time to see positive results. Antihistamines may be used to treat hives. However, it is very important to be cautious while giving this medication to children who are below 4 years of age. These medications could have drastic side effects like depression of consciousness or problems with breathing. The child may be given Benadryl elixir, 3 ml by mouth every 6 hours to treat the hives if he/she is being monitored closely.

What can parents do to reduce the irritation caused by hives in children?

Hives and rashes may be very common in children. Parents may try oatmeal baths or calamine lotion to reduce the irritation caused by the hives. As far as possible, they may avoid giving the child Benadryl as it can make the child irritable.

What could be some of the trigger factors for chronic hives in children?

Some of the trigger factors for chronic hives in children are given below:
• Medication or drugs
• Urinary tract infections
• Other infections like viral infection
• Food allergies
• Dental infection
• Clothes that the child wears
• Exercise and a hot environment

A child has had hives and has been taking Benadryl every 4 hours. The child has now started to get dry cough as well. Can the child be given medication for the cough along with the Benadryl?

This child may have got the hives as an allergic reaction or due to a viral infection. However, if the child gets a dry cough 3-5 days after the onset of the hives then, she should be taken to a pediatrician to rule out pneumonia. Though it may not be very helpful to give the child medication for the cough, it may be given if recommended by the doctor. However, since the child is being given Benadryl for the hives, the parents must make sure that the cough medicine does not have Benadryl or Diphenhydramine as well.

What is the correct dosage of Benadryl for a 23 month old boy who weighs around 26 pounds that has developed hives?

The correct dosage of Benadryl for a 23 month old boy is 0.5-1.0 milligram/kilogram once every 6 hours. Since the child is 26 pounds, the dosage may be 6 milligrams. Liquid Benadryl is commonly available in the U.S. If the child is given liquid Benadryl, the dosage may be 2.5milliliter or cubic centimeters at the low end. Many children develop hives; often parents are unaware of the correct dosage to give a child for hives regarding weight and age. If the parent has any more concerns or the hives seem to become worse, the child may need to be seen by a doctor.

Hives, if not treated on time can cause a lot of discomfort to children and make them very irritable. It is important to identify the symptoms of hives and treat them with medication or an ointment. Parents should be aware of the different symptoms of hives so that they can provide timely treatment to their children. You may ask an Expert if you have any questions about the symptoms or treatment of hives.
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