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Hitachi LED TV Troubleshooting

Do you need more information on Hitachi LED TV problems? Or, what do power supply problems entail on your LED TV? Hitachi is a trusted brand with reliable products. Problems related to these TVs can range from picture issues, blinking lights or challenges faced with settings. The answers and solutions to such problems can be simple or complicated but when you have assistance from verified Experts online, it can be easier and quicker to deal with and resolve.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions for Hitachi LED TV owners.

How to deactivate the demo mode on a new Hitachi LED TV?

If the pop up screens are showing up on the Hitachi TV stating its features, the TV is in ‘E-POP DEMO’ mode. To turn off the feature, the following steps should be taken using the original Hitachi TV remote:

  1. The TV should be put into ‘TV’ input mode.
  2. Press ‘Menu.’
  3. Go to ‘Setup’ and then to ‘Auto Setup.’
  4. Here the option ‘E-POP DEMO’ should be changed from ‘On’ to ‘Off.’
  5. Exit the ‘Menu’ option and return to the input you desire.

Why is the Hitachi LED TV displaying ‘No Signal’ on most channels while some display a purple screen?

The problem and its solution in this case is dependent on the remote being used and whether a cable box or direct coaxial cable is being used. If an original Hitachi LED TV remote is being used, the problem could be the micro-processor on the Hitachi TV locking up. If this happens, usually changing the ‘Input’ option to another one helps. Press the ‘Input’ button to choose another ‘Input’ after which it should be switched back to ‘TV’ input.

What does it mean if the Hitachi LED TV turns on with the ‘On’ light illuminating but the screen remains blank?

In order to understand the problem and diagnose correctly, first thing to check would be whether there is sound or video irrespective of what media is being used (DVD, cable, satellite and so on) and whether the screen has a backlight (lighter than pitch black in a darkened room). The next thing to check would be to press the ‘Menu’, ‘Input’, or ‘Volume’ buttons to see if any indicators pop up on the screen. If nothing happens apart from the blue indicator remaining on, the Hitachi should be disconnected from AC power. The power button on the TV should be pressed and held for 20 seconds. After a minute, the TV should be plugged back in and the power button pressed once. If the problem persists, it indicates an internal failure that requires service.

What does a power supply/mainboard problem on the Hitachi LED TV signify?

When the TV or screen fails to turn on, it is usually indicative of a faulty power supply board, main or inverter board. To determine which board is causing the problem, the voltages need to be measured at the power supply under load and without load conditions to check if the supply output drops. Sometimes the inverter or mainboard can short circuit causing the TV not to power up. The average cost of this repair can be expensive depending on which board is faulty. Repairing the TV yourself would need the use of a multimeter to measure voltages and removal of the entire rear panel of the Hitachi.

What can be done to repair the screen of the Hitachi LED TV which has a few visible lines and a crack?

Normally, LED or LCD TVs such as the Hitachi TV cannot be repaired if they have problems such as lines and cracks as described above. They need to be replaced and the cost of a new screen is far higher than the cost of a new TV itself. Moreover, the cost of shipping and labor charges to install the Hitachi LCD is additional. Therefore, it may be a good idea to consider replacing the Hitachi TV rather than repairing it.

What could prevent the new AT&T service from working on the Hitachi LED TV?

First, the TV remote should be used and the menu button should be pressed to check if the menu appears on the screen. If the menu is visible, the AT&T service signals to the TV should be checked, whether it has a separate box with an independent signal. Sometimes, the box can be faulty or facing internal issues preventing it from sending video signals to the Hitachi TV. The Hitachi TV in this case, may not be problematic as its menu is being displayed. To deal with this problem, the AT&T box should be unplugged at its power cord from the wall outlet for five minutes and reconnected. It should be turned on and allowed some time to boot up properly and then check if the TV is displaying its picture.

Whether you need to activate or deactivate a function or need help diagnosing a faulty part on the Hitachi LED TV, as seen above, it is possible with help from verified electronics Experts online. Their insights throw light on whether repair is warranted and its feasibility. To get specific answers quickly and affordably to more such questions on Hitachi LED TVs, ask Experts online from the comfort of your home.

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