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What is a Hit and Run?

This is when an individual has been involved in a traffic accident with another individual and one has not abided by the legal rules by stopping and providing their insurance information and reporting the accident to their local law enforcement officers. A hit and run accident is considered a serious crime in many states. When being charged there are many legal consequences that an individual can face. When leaving the scene of an accident the law enforcement will perform a hit and run investigation to track down the individual who ran from the accident. Read below where Experts have answered questions for victims and those accused

In California, how long will a car involved in a hit and run be held for a misdemeanor?

In some cases, companies like these can hold an individual’s vehicle for many months. The individual can contact a lawyer and see if they can have the vehicle released. If the lawyer is unable to get the vehicle released, then the individual will need to file a lawsuit and request that the court require the company to release the vehicle.

What should an individual do if they are being falsely accused of a hit and run accident?

In this case, if the individual has already contacted the local police department then there has already been a police report filed. The individual who is being accused of the hit and run accident will need to go to the police station and request a copy of the police report. After this is done, it may be wise for the individual to contact the police officer who took the report. The individual who is involved in the hit and run investigation will need to have their vehicle at the police station with them, and if possible have pictures from the other individual’s car. With this type of information, the individual should be able to show that their vehicle is not the vehicle involved in the hit and run accident.

What is the penalty for a 17-year-old involved in a hit and run accident?

Age does not determine penalties; it will all depend on the situation and the damage caused. Any individual who is being charged with a hit and run accident will be faced with a Class 5 felony if the accident involved injury or death to another individual. If the accident caused less than $1000 in damage to property it could be a Class 1 misdemeanor. If there was no injury or death the individual may not be looking at jail time, possibly just a fine and probation.

What can a person do if they were involved in a hit and run and the at-fault person only provided a phone number and now will not answer calls?

If the at-fault person will not answer any calls to take care of the damages as promised, then a skip tracer can track them down by using the phone number that was provided. If this is done the phone company will not give out this information without a court order, therefore, the individual will need to file a lawsuit. The individual could also report the accident to their local police department for a possible hit and run investigation since the at fault individual has left the scene of the accident without providing the proper information, including insurance information, full name and correct contact information. Often times the police department will be able to locate these individuals, and then provide the information to the individual so they can proceed with legal action. 

When involved in a hit and run accident, many individuals are shaken up and are unsure of what steps need to be taken. Many questions can arise, such as whom do they contact? What is the process of a hit and run investigation? These and other legal questions can cause stress and in many cases, the person may not receive what is legally owed to them. Experts can provide legal answers to those who are dealing with a hit and run investigation by evaluating your case particulars and sharing legal insight.

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