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Highway Traffic Act Regulations

The Highway traffic issues are a topic that everyone can relate to; seeing as though this is a common issue among people around the world. The Highway Traffic Act Regulations can often be very confusing to who do not completely understand these rules and regulations of the road. Read below where the Experts have answered the many asked questions about the Highway Traffic Act Regulations.

If a person collides with a post in a parking lot with no damage to the post and the person leaves the scene, could that person be charged for failure to remain at the scene of a collision?

In some cases if it is proven the post in question was not harmed or damaged at all; no one can be charged with a criminal offense. Also, if the person may have damaged their vehicle at all in the accident; this will not count towards an offense. The person can’t be charged with anything unless a proper authority checks and overlooks to see if the post was damaged at all.

What happens if a person with decent driving record receives a reckless driving ticket for going wrong way in the state of Virginia? The person will have to show up to court on the date that is assigned to the ticket that was received by officer. In the state of Virginia reckless driving is considered to be a misdemeanor. Also, if the person is found guilty of this crime; the person could be issued a fine that could come to $2, 500. In addition, to those two consequences jail time could be issued. Jail time could be a year and the person’s license could be suspended up to 6 months. If the person doesn’t show up for court than a warrant for that person’s arrest.

Who is liable for damages when person hits livestock and its causes damages to person’s car?

The Food and Agricultural Code Division 9. Animals Generally PART 1. Animals at large Chapter 6. Transportation of Animals state in 16902 “permitting livestock on highway, A person that owns or controls the possession of any livestock shall not willfully or negligently permit any livestock to stray upon, or remain unaccompanied by a person in charge or control of the livestock upon, a public highway, if both sides of the highway are adjoined by property which is separated from the highway by a fence, wall, hedge, sideway, curb, lawn, or building.”

16904 states “Presumptions of inferences in actions for motor vehicles collisions with animals, in any civil action which is brought by the owner, driver, or occupant of a motor vehicles, or by their person representatives or assignees, or by the owner of livestock, for damages which are caused by collision between any motor vehicle and any domestic animal on a highway, there is no presumption or inference that the collision was due to negligence on behalf of the owner to the person in possession of the animal."

If a person commits accident in bad weather and is accused of causing damage. What is to be done?

If the person is to go into the court and plead not guilty evidence would have be provided proving that the weather was the cause of the accident. The court hearing is likely to last a day and the time inside the hearing would not last long. If the officer that was affiliated with the accident doesn’t show up to court; the ticket and the case is likely to be thrown out.

What can be done for a person that has a first time offense speeding on a highway? What is the best course of action?

There are different options that the person can go about handling this certain situation. The first option is going to court on the date that is assigned. The person would have to put in a plea of being guilty to try and set the person in a position of being given a lower fine. The second available option would be for the person to attend a traffic school that could help the person remove fines or tickets that they are given along with any points that may be placed on their driver’s license. As for the third option, the individual can admit to the offense and receive the fine for the violation and proceed to pay off the fine that is given.

Many times individual experience a Highway Traffic violation. When dealing with the Highway Traffic Act there are many different rules that come into play with this. There are often many questions that can arise when dealing with the different traffic acts. Such as what are the highway traffic fines and what is Highway Traffic Act 130. These many different questions can be answered by the Experts.
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