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High Fever in Children

What is a high fever in children?

In most cases, a fever is a type of body temperature that exceeds 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In most cases, when a person or child has a temperature, this is the body’s natural defense against infection. In most cases, a fever that presents in a child that is younger than 3 months of age may be worrisome and if their temperature is more than 100 degrees rectally should be taken to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. Generally, when a child has a fever, the parent shouldn’t worry about brain damage until the fever reaches 107 degrees or higher since this high of a temp may indicate a disease that attacks the brain. Below are questions about high fever in children that are answered by an Expert.

IF a child has a high fever for 72 hours and is waiting for results from test, what can a parent do if the child still has a high temperature along with stomach pains?

The parent may want to take the child in to the doctor to be checked again as well as have some urine tests done to determine if this may be a type of kidney or bladder infection. In most cases, this may be a sign of a viral infection and more blood tests would need to be run as well as getting the results of the original tests that have been ran. In most cases, the parent would also need to make sure that the child is getting plenty of fluids as well as fever reducer every four hours until the doctor can get all results of tests that were taken.

If a child has been vomiting and has a high fever of 104.8 with abdominal or kidney pain, is this a sign of anemia or a viral infection?

In some cases, when a doctor does blood tests, then they are looking for issues with the kidneys as well as dehydration. As long as these levels are normal, then there may be no sign of a kidney infection. There may be a chance that the child may have a urinary tract infection that is causing the spike in fever as well as the abdominal pain. If there was not a urine culture preformed when the child saw the doctor, then the parent may want to consider taking the child back to the doctor and have a urine culture done.

If a two month old has a high fever, vomiting, and low red blood count, could the issues be caused by an allergic reaction to new renovations that were done to the home?

In some situations, when the child is presenting with these symptoms, then this is generally not an allergic reaction, but a sign of a serious type of infection. The infection may not have been completely healed with one round of antibiotics. The child may benefit from IV antibiotics and the parent may want to discuss this with the child’s doctor.

If a mother has a high fever during labor that was passed to the baby causing a 103 temperature, can this cause a hematoma after three months of the birth?

In some situations, when a child has a fever after their birth, this may not cause the hematoma, but a fall or another type of trauma generally causes hematomas since they are broken blood vessels under the skin. The parent may want to make sure that the child is taken to the doctor to have tests ran for the hematomas.

When a child has a high fever, then there may be a sign of a type of infection that the body is trying to fight off. When a child suffers from a high fever, then the parent may have questions regarding how the fever will affect the child, what causes the fever, or even what could be considered to be too high. When a parent has these kinds of questions, these individual can turn to the Experts for fast and reliable answers.
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