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Heroin Addiction Questions

What is heroin addiction?

Heroin addictions are considered one of the most horrible drug addictions throughout the world. Heroin addictions can lead to many physical and psychological dangers that have dire consequences. Dependence on heroine is said to be fast acting (in as little as the first use). Heroin is a faster acting opiate compared to morphine. Once someone is on heroine, individuals who stop using can begin to feel withdraw symptoms that often lead to a continued use of the drug.

The subsequent use of heroin can lead to heroin addiction. Heroin addiction causes are often attributed to the need to stop feeling negative effects of heroin withdrawal such as nausea or being “sick”. The individual is officially addicted to heroin if this pattern is present.

Heroin addiction can be fatal and quite concerning for the loved ones watching it take over. Being unclear on what the heroin addiction signs are or what the negative consequences of heroin addiction are can lead to similar questions like those answered below by Experts.

What are heroin addiction signs?

Heroin addiction has many signs that may indicate it is present. Most heroin addiction signs are similar to addiction to other types of drugs. General heroin addiction signs include giving up sports, hobbies, or other familiar activities (work/school). Doing uncharacteristic things to obtain money to use for the drugs such as selling things, stealing, etc. is also a sign that drug addiction has taken a hold on a person’s life. Heroin addiction may also cause the individual to change with regards to responsibility and control of anger or attitude. Secretive behavior such as routinely stealing away to a specific room and relationship changes (no longer hanging out with friends who are not addicts) are also signs of heroin addiction. Heroin addiction signs when used intravenously include wearing long sleeved shirts at odd times such as when it is 100 degrees outside.

There are also specific heroin addiction symptoms that include drowsiness, constricted pupils, raw or read nostrils (if snorting the drug), track marks (if shooting the drug), and slurred speech. Heroin addiction also has tangible paraphernalia that may be seen such as syringes, spoons, eye droppers, rubber tubing, needles, rolled up paper or cut tubes such as straws (for snorting), etc.

What are the negative consequences of heroin addiction?

Heroin addiction has many negative consequences for the addict and their loved ones. Heroin addicts can be prone to dry itch skin or skin infections, vomiting, constipation, constricted pupils, reduced sex drive, and in women irregular menstruation. Heroin addiction consequences also encompass medical concerns such as irregular blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke or heart attacks from blood clots, respiratory paralysis, heart arrest, coma, and loss of life. Intravenous users also can contract hepatitis, AIDS, or other transmitted diseases from sharing needles or using needles that are not sanitized.

Heroin addiction also has many behavioral consequences. In most cases of heroin addiction the addict is apathetic and indifferent to consequences of their actions. They are often incapable of holding a job or sustain a personal relationship. The majority of heroin addicts are antisocial and indifferent to the loss, pain, or actions they inflict on others.

Is Ibogaine a heroin addiction cure?

Ibogaine is a plant alkaloid found in Africa that is illegal in some parts of the world including the United States. There is currently no FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulation or approval for this drug. There are however clinics around the world such as Canada or Mexico that are using Ibogaine therapy to treat Heroin addiction and addictions. There are cases of success in these offering countries but it is unclear on the reliability of this drug. Some may see Ibogaine as a heroin addiction cure in that it is presumed to stop dependency in four days.

Heroin addiction ruins not only the addict’s life but can also deeply impact the lives of those around them. Experts can help answer questions about heroin addiction help or how to seek treatment for heroin addiction. Get the heroin addiction help you seek by asking an Expert today.
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