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Hematocele Related Questions

Have you ever found unexplained lumps in the scrotum or testicle area? Were you concerned on what may have caused it or if you were in urgent need of care? This is a hematocele, where blood collects around the testicle. Getting this diagnosis can lead to uncertainties and more questions. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding hematocele.

What is hematocele?

A collection of blood in a body cavity is defined as a hematocele. It is typically the term used to describe the blood collection in the area around the testicle called the tunica vaginalis. Hematocele are often painful or uncomfortable.

Will heaving lifting cause pain in the left testicle when standing or walking?

When there is testicular pain there can be a variety of factors causing it. Testicular torsion can be present. This is a twisting of the testicles inside the scrotum. Oftentimes, the pain is sudden and severe and requires emergency attention. Trauma including hematocele, infection, inflammation, and tumors can also cause this kind of pain. If there are prostate issues this can lead to pain in the testicles as well. There are also cases where inguinal hernia causes pressure from the bowel protruding into the scrotal sac causing scrotal pain.

In rare cases, no known cause is found for testicular pain; but all cases should be evaluated by a doctor to avoid complications. Testicular support can be worn to help with pain relief. Upon diagnosis proper treatment can be given.

What is the recommended treatment for a small bleeding hole on the scrotum?

It is not uncommon for a hematocele in this area to have ruptured. This is a collection of blood around the testicle. If there is no longer any blood coming out then it is not a major concern. The area should be kept clean and antiseptic creams can be used to prevent infection. A doctor can perform an examination to give definitive diagnosis. If it is a hematocele, measures can be taking to prevent it from forming again.

Could a hematocele have formed in the scrotum 10 days after a vasectomy?

The lump could be a small hematoma (bleeding) or hematocele (collection of blood) following the vasectomy. Typically, bleeding should not happen. Hematocele formed from a severed blood vessel is rare but possible with surgery. If the lump should happen to increase in size or with pain then a surgeon should be consulted.

What treatment is recommended if swelling is still present in the right testicle after surgery to correct a hydrocele?

Following a surgery to correct a hydrocele, swelling is not uncommon. Oftentimes, the procedure will involve removing the tunica vaginalis (the sac that holds the hydrocele fluid). The hydrocele can reappear if the sac is not removed or if it is positioned to where it can’t refill. Typically minimal fluid collection should go away as it is reabsorbed. If there is no pain felt in the swollen area then a wait and watch approach can be taken to check for improvement. A physical check up may be needed. Ultrasounds may be used to diagnose the cause and if there is pain or redness it may be of concern. This would suggest an infection or hematocele of the area.

What would cause a small hard lump on the left testicle that is painful and sensitive?

A lump on a testicle may have several possible causes. These can include hydrocele, spermatocele, vesicocele, hematocele, cysts, infection, and tumors. In order to receive a proper diagnosis a doctor can perform an evaluation. When cause is determined treatment can be given. None of these causes need urgent evaluation but if pain becomes significant urgent care may be warranted.

Having unexplained pain can be exhausting and worrisome to most people. In many cases pain and swelling in the testicles may be associated with a hematocele. Having a diagnosis may incite additional questions about hematocele causes, prevention, or treatment. Verified Experts can help answer these questions and more so that you can have clarity.

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