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Hemangioma Treatment

What is hemangioma as well as Hemangioma symptoms?

A hemangioma is essentially a birthmark that is bright red and can appear as rubbery. The bright red appearance is a result of a nodule of blood vessels that are extra in the skin. Hemangiomas are often referred to as a strawberry mark and can form early in the first year of a person’s life. It is known to recede over time. When an infant/child has a hemangioma it will often leave a little trace by the time the child is ten years old.

Common places for this condition to appear on the body are the face, chest, scalp or back. However, it can also appear anywhere on the body. If the hemangioma interferes with breathing or vision treatment would be necessary.

Physical hemangioma symptoms at an early age include flat red marks that grown quickly during the first year of life. The growth normally will include a change in physical appearance to a spongy mass. A rest period of growth can occur and from there the condition may disappear slowly. After the disappearance, a discoloration of the skin can remain.

It is not clear as to what the causes of hemangioma may be, but if this condition begins to bleed or appear infected a doctor should be contacted. Uncertainties of the treatments or surgery procedures of this condition can lead to questions much like those answered below by Experts.

If diagnosed with a 7 millimeter (mm) liver hemangioma what would this mean?

A hemangioma of the liver is the most common type of non-cancerous tumor that can affect the liver. Mostly a hemangioma in the liver that is less than two centimeters may not require any follow up. These types of hemangiomas rarely grow. Only in cases of hormone replacement therapy will this be different.

Is there risk of cancer from a single large liver hemangioma with symptoms of pain, sharp spasms in the back, nausea, and headaches?

Single small hemangioma of the liver can cause a little concern as they do not cause many symptoms and have no risk of cancer development. Small hemangiomas often do not need treatment. large hemangiomas normally need to be removed. A larger liver hemangioma that is causing pain would need a CT (computed tomography) scan of the liver to see where this is located as well as plan the removal. Hemangioma treatments can range from surgery to radiation therapy.

Can a liver hemangioma cause pain?

Small liver hemangiomas are normally not associated with pain in that area. Those that do not experience symptoms often have hemangiomas that are ten centimeters in size. 40% of individuals can experience symptoms with this condition that are four centimeters in size. Typically, hemangioma pain symptoms do not occur unless complications such as thrombosis or infarction exist.

What hemangioma treatment is available for complications such as numbness and pins and needles in the arms?

Most often this condition is considered incidental findings unless symptoms of pressure on the nerves or spinal cord are present. If symptoms become present surgery could be needed. If surgery is not needed, the treatment for pins and needles can include neck care, limiting computer activities, contour pillows, cervical brace or collars. Anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen can also help with pain management and some doctors can give oral steroids or prescribe physical therapy.

Having the right kind of information and understating about hemangioma treatments can be helpful when deciding what the right choice is for your situation. Experts can help answer if hemangiomas are hereditary or what the different types of hemangiomas exist.
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