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Heating System Problems

What is a heating system?

The term heating system covers any mechanism the heats and controls the temperature within a home, office or other type of building. A heating system is often part of an HVAC system. Experts have answered questions on heating system problems as well as information on heating system types and troubleshooting below.

Can a 30yr old oil based heating system with UTICA Series 4005 boiler, be converted to a gas system? Would it be better to replace the boiler, or retrofit the boiler with a gas burner pack?

Unless the boiler is in immaculate condition and has been meticulously maintained over the years, I would suggest replacing it. A common thumb rule is that when repairs cost is over 50% of replacement cost, replacement is the better option because of the much greater likelihood of trouble free operation for years to come.

The pilot light in a Carrier gas heating system has gone out, how can it be relit?

Once the gas valve has been located, there will be a ¼ inch diameter aluminum tube going to the valve. Follow the tube into the furnace – it will lead you to the burners. There may be a flame shield on the way which you will have to remove. At the end of the tube you will see it is connected to the pilot burner. On the gas valve there should be a dial with ON, OFF and PILOT markings and a red dot or arrow on the body of the vale to indicate the position it is set to. The dial should be on the ON position. Turn it to pilot and hold a lit match to the burner. You will also need to push down on the dial. If the dial does not push down there should be a red button that needs to be pressed. The gas should flow and the burner should light. Hold the dial or button for 60 or 90 seconds after which it can be released. The pilot should remain lit. Replace the flame shield and turn the dial to ON. Do not force the dial or button if they do not move. If the pilot still goes off, you may need to replace the thermocouple.

If an 8 month old ducted heating system, is getting little to no air through the duct work, the fan is set on 10, what could the problem be?

The most likely cause of the problem is a clogged filter on the air intake. If air circulation is restricted, heat will remain in the duct causing it to overheat. Clean the filter and check to see if the air intake louvre / grille is blocked. If this does not resolve the problem it would be best to get a technician to check your unit.

What could be the problem if a Janitrol heating system with an electronic ignite, will not start, even after turning off the gas for 5 minutes and restarting? The furnace seems to start but not ignite.

The first thing to check is the vent inducer motor located at the top of the unit where the vents connect is on. If not, this could be the problem. Look for the hot surface igniter that should be right in front of the first burner. Using a flashlight check for any signs of burning on the igniter. If there are burnt patches, the igniter will need to be replaced. If the igniter appears to be okay, get a technician to check the voltage to the igniter and other causes that are best examined to professionals.

What could be the problem if a 4 yr old heating system keeps trapping air even after being bled and having a viral vent installed, could this be a boiler issue?

Check if your water pressure is 14 pounds – that is what you need to keep air out of the system. Low pressure will allow air to enter. Typically, all of the registers should have air bleed fittings. An auto vent system will help to keep air out, but individual bleed fittings are required to bleed air from each register. It could be that you do not have enough bleed fittings. Another cause could be that your water feed regulator is set too low or is not working properly. Another possibility is that there is a leak in the system. The boiler, being only 4 years old, is not likely to be the cause of the air entering the system.

If your owner’s manual does not give you the heating system repair or troubleshooting help you need, get assistance from an Expert.
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