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Heart Disease in Dogs

What is heart disease in dogs?

When blood vessels are not working or formed properly this may be known as heart disease. When vessels in the heart are not working as they should, then blood with oxygen may not be delivered to the dog’s body properly. Some dogs acquire a heart disease as the dog becomes older, or dogs may be born with a heart disease. There may be certain breeds of dogs that pass different heart diseases to litters of puppies; this may be known as heritable heart diseases. Read below where an Expert has answered many frequently asked questions pertaining to heart disease in dogs.

Dog is having rapid breathing, lethargic, weight loss, lack of appetite and diarrhea could this be congestive heart failure?

These symptoms may be caused by several different possibilities that could be making the dog sick. The main symptoms may be the weight loss and the lack of appetite; this could be due to kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease and cancer. The rapid breathing may be due to lung disease such as lung cancer; in some cases rapid breathing may be from pain or acid in the bloodstream. This may not be from congestive heart failure, the reason for that may be because one of the main symptoms of congestive heart failure , the reason for that may be because one of the main symptoms of congestive heart failure is coughing. That is not to say that the dog does not have a heart disease such as Cardiomyopathy; typically this disease may not show signs of coughing in early stages.

Could a dog that has a small heart murmur be breed? Does the dog need to be fixed?

In some situations, it may not be a wise idea to breed a dog that has a heart murmur. The reason may be, because there may be several different heart diseases that could be passed on to the litter through breeding a dog that has a heart disease. Many vets may recommend not breeding a dog that has a small chance of having heart disease. Now as for having a dog fixed because of the heart disease, it may not be necessary for male dogs to be fixed, however, it may be a wise idea. Now, on the other hand, it may be essential for a female dog, depending on how severe the heart disease is; this may determine if they could withstand carrying puppies.

Can a dog take herbal Hawthorne for an enlarged heart with pulmonary hypertension?

In some cases it may be safe for a dog to take Hawthorne for an enlarged heart. There may be some vets that recommend giving herbal medications to help treat certain heart disease. Herbal Hawthorne may be a great help in treating heart disease if used properly. Typically this herb may not be something that can be done without being taught how to administer it properly and in the right proportion. This herb may have side effects such as making the heart disease worse.

What is CHF?

CHF (congestive heart failure) is a heart disease. This heart disease affects the heart in a way that the heart may not be able to pump blood efficiently. This may cause blood to build up in a dog’s lungs for a longer amount of time than normal. The buildup of fluid may cause difficulty breathing, a cough or exhaustion. Congestive heart failure may be hereditary; this heart disease may not be one to show up as a puppy but later on in the lifetime.

Heart diseases may be more common in dogs than people may think. Some dogs may even live their whole life with a heart disease and the owner may never know. Some heart disease may have very subtle; this is not to say that there are no symptoms that could be seen. For more information over heart disease in dogs contact an Expert for reliable answers.
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