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Health Insurance Fraud Questions

Health fraud is the deceptive sale or marketing and advertising of products that claim to be effective and beneficial to a consumer’s health, without having been proven safe and effective for medical purposes. These scams are a potential danger to the economy and health of the country. Health fraud scams often target older people — most of the victims in the United States of America are older than 65. It is important to be aware of health fraud, the various forms of health fraud, and health fraud consequences to safeguard yourself and your loved ones effectively. Below are some of the frequently asked questions on health fraud with the answers from JustAnswer Experts.

Having two health insurances: is that considered fraud?

Having two health insurances is not a crime or a health insurance fraud. Lots of people have a ‘secondary coverage,’ but it is important to mention the primary and secondary health insurance coverage when filling out applications. A problem would arise if you were to try to place a claim on both for the same kind of service. It is considered a health insurance fraud only when you are specifically asked about any other policy and you lie about having or not having a secondary policy. Should a company find out that you are lying, they can cancel your insurance policy.

Can you provide some Health Fraud Examples?

There are many examples of health fraud. People spend a lot of money on scams such as breast enlarging pills, penis enlarging lotions, quick baldness remedies, and many others. The companies usually offer a refund if the customer isn’t satisfied, knowing very well that most people who use the products will not get around to claiming the refund. In most cases, the company would have already disappeared with the money before a customer can claim the refund. The guarantee is only as good as the company. If you have doubts about a company or need clarifications on whether or not a particular claim is genuine or fraudulent, you could ask a Lawyer on JustAnswer and get their expert opinion quickly, and affordably.

How to go about reporting Health Insurance Fraud?

Most frauds can be detected by examining insurance payment reports to verify whether they actually reflect the services rendered. Any suspicious reports involving a private insurer claim should be reported immediately to the company’s fraud department.

What is the punishment for Health Insurance Fraud?

A health insurance fraud is considered a felony, and the degree of severity changes based on the amount of money involved. Insurance frauds are considered theft, and the punishment can range from 1 year to 20 years depending on the value of the fraud committed. The punishment for health insurance fraud can also vary depending on the state where the fraud was committed. To know more about the punishment for health fraud in your state, ask a Lawyer on JustAnswer.

What are likely penalties for Health Insurance Fraud?

States that consider insurance fraud to be a felony can impose hefty fines that can reach in excess of $15,000 per penalty during the sentencing process. Depending on the types of laws broken and the way in which the fraud is committed, health insurance fraud can result in an additional fine up to $1 million in the federal courts.

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